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    great product for glasses and mirrors! (Without annoying smell). This product dry very fast and leave squeaky clean feeling on smooth shiny surface. I used it on mirrors and glasses. It worked so well. It smells mostly like alcohol which doesn't bother me as much as chemically Windex smell.

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    This stuff is a miracle worker, no joke. We've been using it and buying it for two years now for our son and if we have more kids we will continue to use it! Tried multiple diaper rash products before and none of them worked except for this one. Triple paste started clearing his diaper rash in less than two hours!! Amazing stuff, seriously worth every penny.

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    This is an excellent water treatment product. I use it for all my tanks including my African Cichlid tank. I have no worries adding a bit of this to a pitcher of water and then topping up my tanks immediately. It seems to have a fairly strong smell to it in the bottle, but I've never noticed the smell once it's added to the tank or to water I'm adding to the tank. I've used nothing but this for years now in my tanks and have had great results with it.

  • JessCo - What Every GM V6 Owner Needs to Know

    It is no secret that GM has thousands of unhappy customers due to bad design of intake manifold gaskets, look it up on the web. After having the intake gaskets replaced three years ago they went again, they last about three years before blowing again due to bad gaskets and the effects of DexCool. I parked my vehicle trying to decide what to do. After much internet research I decided to tr{ this product. I am very pleased to say it works and is well worth the price. I do not know how long the fix will last but at least I can use my vehicle again, if I get another year of driving out of it I'll be happy.

  • R. Kemp - Buy Quicken Willmaker Premium 2010 instead

    Not sure why Amazon says the Premium version won't be released until Jan. 18. I bought it at Costco a couple of weeks ago. Shop for price before you buy.

  • Lance Speirs - Extreme Nausea

    It seems like this product either works wonderfully for you or makes you extremely ill. Unfortunately my wife falls into the extremely ill category. 30 minutes after taking her dose in the morning, she gets nausea and vomiting that lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours. She stopped taking this for 2 days to see if the nausea could be related to something else and got no nausea on those days. One day back on these, and nausea again. I would definitely recommend purchasing the smallest bottle available if you've never tried these before.

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    This stuff is well worth the money. The nonstick foil is great for baking cookies, frozen french fries, roasting veggies. I'm addicted. One of my top 10 kitchen finds of 2013!