Paper Analytical Device Project // University of Notre Dame - Paper analytical devices (PADs) are test cards that can quickly determine whether a drug tablet contains the correct medicines. They are cheap and easy to use. They don't require power, chemicals, solvents, or any expensive instruments, so they can be deployed rapidly at large scale whereever a problem with pharmaceutical quality is suspected.

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  • Gaz Rendar - Value in durability

    This Analon non-stick cooking set features impressively well-made kitchenware for an affordable price.

  • Tara Greene Psychic - Find out what 2016 holds for you from an East/West blended perspective

    As a professional Western Astrologer I love the counterpoint of Ancient Chinese Astrology to modern Tropical Astrology that Suzanne White synthesizes.There are similarities and differences between the two systems and I love to have more information to work with. Chinese Astrology is very ancient and has been used for over three thousand years in an unbroken lineage.Having consulted Suzanne's books in the past to find out my own and family's Zodiac Animal/constellation characteristics and what the particular year ahead holds I have found it to be extremely usefull. I know 2016 will be a year of major changes in energies by specific planets in new signs in Western Astrology. I can't wait to find out what insightful information the New Astrology offers for me, others and for the world.

  • J. Howell - An extremely strong and effective solvent

    I have used this solvent a number of times to remove adhesive and badging from my cars. For that it works wonderfully. When used modestly it does not effect automotive surfaces or glass. Since this stuff is so potent, I would recommend using the the spray straw in the nozzle so that you can more carefully target where you spray this stuff. You want to be very careful where you put it. It also evaporates rapidly so you need to work quickly when you use it.

  • Philly Filly - Avoid the frustration free packaging version

    Avoid the frustration free packaging version this product -- it can cause lots of frustration. The frustration free version comes with a 6L starter carbonator that you are supposed to be able to exchange for a full size 60L carbonator for free. I was able to do this exchange at my local Staples store for a $14.99 fee. You have to send the exchange fee receipt along with a rebate form to SodaStream to be reimbursed. After waiting several weeks, the rebate center informed me my application was denied because Staples had given me a receipt that did not include the date. This was plenty frustrating and could have been avoided by buying the regular packaging version that comes with a 60L carbonator. Other than this rebate wrangling, I am very happy with this model and use it all the time.

  • null - I really like this monitor

    I really like this monitor. The design is really sharp, modern and clean. The picture and colors are great, the IPS panel makes viewing angles wide and the stand is adjustable. An HDMI input on the back is a plus, and for a $100 monitor, there isn't really anything else a person could ask for. However, there is one small gripe I had about this, until I forcibly corrected it.

  • JAMES B. REED - This Product Still Meets My Needs

    I had been using TaxCut for a number of years before the name was changed to H&R Block At Home. After the name was changed to H&R Block At Home, I still continued to use it. I think that it gets a little better each year. It is simple to use, easy to follow, it works well and it meets my needs. In the 2012 version, you still get 5 Federal e-Files. This is really more than I need. Who really needs more than one e-file (unless someone is doing taxes for their entire family)? I usually purchase the H&R Block H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State. I would recommend it to others.

  • Blaire G. - Very Disappointed!

    Save your Money! Expensive, Burnt my Hair, Awkward, Curls Don't Last. I knew before purchasing that it "took some time to get use to it" but I would just like to reiterate that it is extremely awkward to try to use. Plus, even if you get it right, the curls only look good for maybe 1 hr MAX. I have naturally curly hair and have never had a problem holding curl- these fall flat within a very limited amount of time. On top of everything, it basically burns your hair- after only using it a few times, it has caused so much damage that my hair refuses to curl naturally.