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  • Jennifer - Been taking these for awhile and my nails are actually ...

    Been taking these for awhile and my nails are actually breaking off more often than they were before. I haven't noticed any difference in my hair. I won't be reordering these.

  • Sheri - Looks beautiful!

    I decided to try this out on a bathroom counter that my teen daughter uses everyday as her launching pad. I figure if it holds up under HER use, it'll hold up to just about anything. So far, it looks as great as the day I finished applying the product. In fact, it looks so great that my clients (I have a home salon) didn't even realize that I just re-did our existing counter and didn't purchase an expensive piece of granite. I'm VERY happy with it! The instructions were easy to understand, the DVD was very helpful, and it was fun/easy to do. Our counter is about 3 feet wide and I have enough product left to do our other bathroom and about 1/2 of my kitchen counters (I have a huge kitchen), so for about $70 it's definitely worth the money. The only "con" I can think of is the fact that you have to be careful with anything hot. It says in the instructions to put a hot pad under the coffee pot. In my case, it's having my daughter keep the curling iron off the counter, which hasn't been too much of an issue, just a matter of getting used to doing something differently. But if it would be an issue for you, it would be better to go another route. All in all I'm extremely happy to have a beautiful and economical solution to our ugly '70's counter tops.

  • Jennifer E. - Add me to the Loving my Subaru list.

    Got my 3.6 in Nov 2015, since then we've been through flood weather, snow, up the hills, off the road and I have been loving every bit of it. Get about 23 mpg for the v6 engine size, and feel the power under the hood when I need it. My only suggestion is if you get a sunroof, get the deflector. I've had sunroofs on all my cars, and this one is the noisiest.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Video, But...

    I selected this video camera for my truck because of its specifications and stated features. Like all the other reviews here have repeated, the video quality is great. I love the 170 degree angle of view. BUT, setting this thing up was frustrating: