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  • Louis K - Sometimes remakes are better than the originals,

    I had a the earlier 2010 version of this bag, but needed to replace it when it got doused in some rather smelly stuff. The prior bag had survived numerous trips and the daily wear and tear without any problems. I never had any problems and it was spacious enough to not only carry my laptop and tablets with me on plane trips, but a SLR and toiletries without becoming overburdened.

  • Amazon Customer - just a few comments

    I really like this game though airplane think you should care for the patients and drive them down to the hospital and a few other Knicks but overall GET THE GAME!!!!!!

  • E. Byrne - This book is excellent in discussing all the different ways that oil pulling ...

    This book is excellent in discussing all the different ways that oil pulling therapy helps. In the very beginning is where the Doctor talks about 'how' to pull and the rest of the book is explaining the pluses of why you should oil pull. I know I feel a lot better when I pull and I also love to read about the other various ways that pulling can make a huge difference for us. I started oil pulling over ten years ago but didn't keep it up. My teeth got very white and what's 'odd' to me is that they stayed that way even after I stopped. I've even had people ask me if I whitened my teeth waaaay after I stopped pulling! I have just begun pulling recently again and although not religiously will not stop this time!

  • John Mullender - Cheated by Amazon

    I feel I was cheated. You will see from my order history I bought a download version of this product as well. I did this because I received a message that the delivery of my disk order had been turned around mid-delivery and returned to the sender. I think it was because I had left instructions for USPS to forward my mail to WA from CA beginning on the day it was to be delivered. I did not know that the order was to be delivered USPS, and I had received some recent orders by UPS. No problem, I just ordered the download copy (my second order). What I was NOT told was that Amazon (or USPS--I am not sure) went ahead and delivered my order to my second address in WA. When I arrived in WA, there it was. I downloaded a permit to return the product, sent it in, and received an email rejecting my refund request because I had tampered with the product. I had no reason to reinstall the product. I can only guess that I may have put it in my disk drive to be sure it was the same version, but I don;'t remember even doing that. It seems to me that even the people at Amazon might wonder why I would order and install a second copy. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and order a lot of stuff from Amazon. I am really disappointed in the way I have been treated with this order.

  • Heather P. - Was hoping this would work. Did not work for me :(

    Did not work for me. Gave it the dedicated time, but not for me! Made to look easy to walk in watching the video. Felt like I would fall and injure more than my injured leg. It puts a lot of strain in multiple places on the uninsured leg. Pushing a buggy, grocery cart, stroller etc. would be okay because you can stabilize yourself. I found it hard to walk around my home and we have clear space with hardwood floors. Hard to bend and pick things up. Hard to do laundry. Took a lot of energy just to do basic things. Crutches are not great. Maybe if this product were not so bulky it would possibly work.

  • Mike Skra - One of my favorite cases

    Amazing case, definitely one of my favorite for the iPhone. It's different then any other case so that one reason for my love of it. Spigen has always been on top of my favorite cases and they did a fantastic job with this case.

  • Reddy - Helped to remove Blind Spot mirror

    I wanted to take off my blind spot mirrors on my car with strong Adhesive. This helped good to remove them.