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  • Justin - It only works when you also do real exercises

    When you combine this with weight training, such as crunch and plank, it works better than only doing weight trainings. But if you don't do any real exercise, this won't work. The reason is that electric stimulation does not promote neural recruitments like exercising does, so it won't build your strength unless you workout.

  • brixby_barnabus - TERRIFIC BOOK!!! Brings a method to the madness of PMP Prep

    This book is a savior. Couldn't have passed the exam without it. Read it cover to cover. Clear explaination of concepts. Helps to understand how each input tools techniques link within and across processes. Coverage on quant for the pmp exam is on point. The questions, the flashcards, the book content all complement each other. And especially the definition of all the pmp principles at the end of the book is terrific.

  • Annie1s - Hoover Warranty A Sham

    I purchased the Linx on August 1, 2011. The vacuum worked well for the purpose I purchased it, inbetween cleaning of steps and rugs. However on Sunday, September 18, 2011, I was using the vacuum and turned to dust a table. When I turned around the vacuum fell against the couch, a well padded couch I may add. The handle broke off. It has certainly been my experience in decades of cleaning that vacuums, particularly light weight uprights, may fall over at times. Vacuums should not break when they do.

  • boothpettitt - Great knife for the price

    Great knife for the price. I Knew it was going to be small but it's also skinny. The double sided dagger backup is a little thicker and I like it more. I still like this knife and sheath and it's great quality. Fast shipping.