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  • Shanie B - She's done it again!!!

    My favorite Nicole Jackson book. I felt every emotion Keyasia went through and at some parts I was holding my breath praying things worked out for her. I found myself trying to pull an all nighter to finish the book, but couldn't hang. This book was worth every penny of my $9.99 with over 500 pages of awesomeness, and it wasn't a cliffhanger type book. Wale is now in the running with Keyon as bae.

  • Maria Flanagan - Get these little microbes working for you!

    If you have a septic tank - as we do in a rural area - this is a must-have for use on a monthly basis. Just flush it down the loo. Have never had to pump the tank in 15 years so far.

  • Paul Harradine - Great product al round

    Great product al round. Great HD definition, no stalls buffering even when I had 3 other computers within 5 yards of me freezing all at once, this computer just kept working. Highly recommended.

  • Ray Graham - A Mat for Every Workbench

    This is an excellent cutting mat that is very self-healing. I keep it on my workbench, and it has been impervious to many different kinds of spills and spatters. The measuring increments marked on the mat make square cuts very easy and quick. It has protected my workbench from many accidental knife and exacto-knife cuts. Even with heavy pressure I have not cut all the way through the mat. Even if you are not a crafter, I recommend this for any workbench.

  • Katherine Owens - Light, Easy, and effective

    I bought this with a Too Faced eye shadow palette for my wedding make-up. I can definitely tell the difference between when I use the primer and when I do not. I use a little on my eyebrows, and it helps keep the powder to darken my eyebrows from smearing or wearing down. I will say that if you have a long day, or if your face is really oily, the effects of the primer won't last as long. If I am working for 12 hours, I notice that there is a minor eyeshadow crease that forms. Overall, the quality is amazing and it definitely helps enhance my make-up application.

  • Amazon Customer - My pots and pans

    This is one of the best purchases I've ever made when buying products for my kitchen. The T-Fal items are light weight, easy to handle and absolutely non-stick. I'm extremely happy with my selection

  • L. L - A Truly "Neat Little Guide"

    A stock market ABC guide for beginners. An easy read, good enough to get your feet wet. In addition to familiarizing you with some common terminology, I believe its greatest merit lies in somewhat "demystifying" the market to the extent it looks less intimidating for laymen. As its title suggests, the book is by no means a know-how in depth, but a stepping stone for further education.