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  • Bryan Kilbourne - School bus route help

    I use for short trips and to get directions from point A to point B within the state. Local travel is what the Tom-Tom and Garmin units are designed for. But where S&T beats the small units hands down is when planning long distance trips. There are many congested areas of the country I refuse to drive through (I-95 through the CT-NY-NJ area.) With S&T all I have to do is tell it to avoid this area by dragging the mouse over the map and the planned route is instantly modified. S&T also beats the small units when manually re-routing a trip. All you have to do is click on the route and drag the route marker where you want to go. S&T also provides a much greater overall map view of your trip as you are driving (you can see your progress on the entire trip rather than just a quarter mile ahead of you.) This is great with the kids/grandkids in the back seat watching the progress of the trip and seeing how far they have gone and how far they still have to go.

  • Irene Roth - What an incredible book. This definitely isn't a memoir ...

    What an incredible book. This definitely isn't a memoir that recounts all the successes and glorious moments of her career and journey. if you want to read an authentic honest memoir that shows flaws, triumphs, mistakes, vulnerability, humility, and heart...this is definitely the book. for some that may think they know her through her music, you will see a whole another side of this accomplished woman. couldn't put it down and if i had the time i would have read it in one sitting.

  • Aytch - Look like a unicorn!

    Like many people said in their reviews, I was eating healthy and exercising but wanted an edge or a boost for more weight loss. I had heard about CLA and saw an ad for this in a health magazine, so I gave this a try because I'm nothing if not swayed by Madison Avenue's wiles!