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  • luvlaworld - Very dependable software.

    I'm a creature of habit. I've been using Kaspersky since I've own a computer and I think I will always run this brand. It's very dependable in stopping any threats seen or unseen. It was a little pricey however I've notice the price has went down but the quality hasn't.

  • freeble fighter - Nice Closet Savior

    I was pretty skeptical about these space saver bags. However, I was mostly surprised by how well the bags worked. Not only do they save space, but now there are no worries about mold, mildew, or dust.

  • James T. Wheeler - Still the Best

    My wife and I believe that "A Christmas Carol" is one of the most important stories every written, not only for the holiday season but for all times during the year. We recently watched all nine versions we have accumulated through the past 20+ years. These include the ones with Seymour Hicks in 1935, to Patrick Stewart in 1999. This 1951 production, starring Alistair Sim, is the best. What we like about it most is how Scrooge is depicted after he's visited by the three Christmas spirits. He is totally transformed. He shows unbridled joy in being released from bondage to greed and contempt for his fellow man. This depiction is unmatched by the other versions. The colorized form of the movie is outstanding and adds a good bit to the story-telling. If anyone wants this Dickens classic in its finest incarnation, this is the DVD to get.

  • A Person - The best product in the history of animal and kid cleaners!

    I cannot even express how much i love this product. I have been using it for about 5 years now and i will use nothing else! it has a pleasant smell and is very easy on any fabric or surface. It gets out cat urine from carpet! NUff said, right?!?! blood, wine stains, in silk, on wool carpet.. you name it, it can handle it.. ever had crayon on a silk kids wedding tie, the day of??? oh yeah, gets that off too. no running colors, no damage to you items. nothing.. just left clean w/ pleasant smell.. add a little to your smelly workout clothes laundry... just like new! use it in carpet shampooers ect. Love this especially if you have animals and kids crawling on your floors because its naural, there are no harsh chemicals to poison them. dont drink if obviously! ;) but i really really cant say enough about this product. its' been a true miracle in my life and i'm very surprized more people havent heard of it. most of all its affordable. Every hear of natures miracle. its supposed to have the same idea and clean w/natural enzymes. BUT it cost almost $30 for a bottle and it doesn't even work!!! Kids and Pets please do not change this formula nor your prices and i will stay a customer for life. i love it so much i could sell this stuff!!!!!

  • Dominick A Daidone - I like the shape of the mouse and its very light

    I like the shape of the mouse and its very light, the problem with this mouse is that the liftoff distance is very low. I tried this on a couple different mousepads, and use it primarily for FPS games. it seemed to be a bit better on slick surfaced mousepads, such as a hardpad or a razer speed series goliathus. On a Control Goliathus it was awful. The other problem i had is loose mouse buttons, and it just felt flimsy overall. I say loose buttons meaning that the right click could be gently pressed and it would feel not snug to the mouse as if there was play between the click and the button, but the left button was fine. I have tried out quite a few mice and this was my least favorite. I currently use a g303, and have used a razer deathadder (older was better than the new chroma, as i have used both). I have tried many mice, but this was inferior to all of those. Most likely going to try a zowie in the future here.

  • Kindle Customer - The kids have learned all the songs

    I have this app both on my Kindle Fire and my Roku. The kids (2 and 3 years old) will usually stop whatever they are doing to run and sing along with the songs. The 7 year old at his advanced age won't run but will be there just the same to argue about which song should be played next. The app on the Kindle is so easy to operate that the kids have learned to stroll through the characters until they find their favourite songs. The kids have all memorized most of the songs. It's nice to see these much loved children stories in animation.

  • I plead the 5th - Like it a lot!!

    Very entertaining movie, and a very effective cinematic depiction of what would happen if we were faced with an apocalypse. The special effects still have a ways to go - they're getting close to looking realistic, but they're still not there.