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  • Michelle O - but didn't like the chemicals

    Make sure to shake up the bottle before every use. I have noticed a difference in the last 3 weeks of use. My thinning and mild hair loss was due to medication and stress. I used another product before this one, but didn't like the chemicals. I am thankful to have found a very natural shampoo that actually works.

  • Happy Mom - great scenes, wouldn't suggest the projector.

    This projector is not at all bright and not the best interface. I would recommend something else. I got a 2500 lumen projector for $155 on Amazon that works very well. The scenes that come with this are great, and I have ordered more digital images and screen material. Just not a fan of this projector kit. Temper mental with using the USB reader. This has to be used in absolute darkness to see it and is not very good quality picture.

  • C. Sutton - Left my Relaxed Hair Feeling Moisturized

    I used this for the first time a day or two ago. I was happily surprised with how thick it was, since I've been trying out new conditioners and the last one (Mane N' Tail) dried the mess out of my hair.