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  • tammiegirl - I believe that taking one good daily multi-vitamin will produce the same benefits in a ...

    My objective in purchasing and using this product was mostly to give my hair a little "boost". I have noticed the past year or so that my hair is a bit more limp, thin, and lacks body. Although I was consistent with taking regular multi-vitamins, I thought I would try this brand, since it is supposed to provide a lot of the nutrients required for healthy, vibrant hair. Unfortunately, even after regular use for about 6 months, I have not noticed any significant improvement in the quality and health of my hair. As for my skin and nails... well, my nails have always been very healthy and strong. I can say that while using this product, they may be growing a bit more quickly. My skin has not noticeably changed in any way. The only thing I can say with regard to that, is perhaps as the colder, drier air of fall and winter become a factor, maybe the vitamins will help with the dry skin issues that have in the winter. Another negative, the dosage of these vitamins is 3 capsules per day. For the money, I believe that taking one good daily multi-vitamin will produce the same benefits in a more economical manner.

  • K D. Neal - average

    Its an average footwear. nothing to rave about. fits as expected. it IS very light so i guess it will score points with avid runners

  • Jeffrey H. Boatright - Worked for me

    I got a severe rash after clearing brush last week. It was bad enough that I couldn't sleep and had trouble concentrating at work. Tried OTC and prescription corticosteriods and antihistamines (all topical; no oral/systemic), lots of washing with soap and water, and Uercin lotion to treat the resulting dryness. Nothing worked until I tried Zanfel. First application - immediate relief that lasted several hours. Reapplied when I got home from work as several areas started itching again. Again, immediate relief and was able to sleep through the night. Used it in the shower this morning just to be as thorough as possible; result is no itching at all today. The itching may return, but at least I have several hours of relief.