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  • KD Prime Time - these are real metal and really nice!

    i just got these premium stainless solar lights and i love them. they are made of real metal which is very nice and keeps them strong. the stakes are plastic but still sturdy. they come with the rechargeable batteries and after a full day will shine for a good 6+ hours easily. they are not super bright BUT thats what i wanted. they will light a path just fine as intended and great ambient lighting. they are not overly bright like some others may be. the perfect brightness actually. they are also bigger than i thought as im used to seeing the smaller ones at the bx stores. the tops are about 4" or so around. the light is a cool white not blue but not yellow either almost a true white maybe just a touch more blue than yellow. now you add in the lifetime warranty and you have a great set for life!

  • Frederick - the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match ...

    It's not intuitive at all first thing off the bat. The dance moves are extremely complicated and it doesn't show you how to do any of them, just throws you right in. I wish there was a tutorial or some kind of walk through before you did the dance. I also wish there was a battle mode for local co-op play. With all that said, the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match the moves on screen and just start doing your own version of them.

  • Amazon Customer - Great AGAIN

    Mandy Roth always has the best characters and the stories that will bring others together throughout the lines. Immortal Ops is one of my favorite genres with the guys that have so much going on underneath and have to fight emotional and physical battles to have the love of their life involved. Love each one and look forward to the next one !!

  • skamperlady - it's ok so far

    I love the game so far but there is and issue with the hyena you be it's back legs keep sinking in the ground you should fix that

  • Amazon Customer - Works good for what we use it for.

    We use this for when we have our family reunion. We always have instruments there and some of us that play in bands now so we use this program to get the additional sounds we want to add for the instruments that are not with us. It works well and the sound is just as good as having that instrument with us. It was easy to load the program and easy to use. You do need to register this program to use all the features but you only have to do it once and of course you can do it online. It only takes a few minutes. If you are having slow connections, lag time between each sound, it's your computer, not this program. This was much less costly than the download because other people had it for sale for about half that price.

  • D. Hicks - Great for Clock Mainsprings

    I use this for clock repair, servicing mainsprings after cleaning. This is the only mainspring lubricant I will ever use, as long as I can still buy it!

  • Miguel Abreu - Great !!

    My daughter love it! its perfect, it has an 18 month agenda, and will be a beautiful gift for anyone.