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  • Julie Freeman - In love with my Cameo 3!

    I am new to the Silhouette world and the Cameo 3 is my first machine. I love it so far! It is so precise, especially the "print and cut" function that allows you to cut your own images. The touchscreen is great and I particularly love the "Redo Previous Job" function. I was cutting out 50 onesie outlines for a baby shower and it was great not to have to walk back to the computer each time.

  • Antonio - Cheesy plot, great special effects!

    This is a fun movie by the same producers that brought you "Independence Day", so you know what you are getting into: cheesy plot, predictable characters, very conservative black-and-white morality... but you will have a good time with it. It is also one of the few movies that I would recommend to watch strictly on Blu-ray, since the detailed disaster special effects can only be seen on HD, and they are worth a look.

  • seth rigsby - nice lego game

    i have been a Lego fan forever is doesn't matter if its the sets or the games. but this game is different from the other games. the story is you first work your way from a rookie cop to a expert cop! this is very different than the Wii u version, for example. you fight Rex fur. but in this game you fight tony knuckles, a Mohawk criminal person. also in the Wii u you come back to Lego city after two years of being sent away and bring justice to Lego city...again. the 3ds has more text and less cut scenes. but it is very fun to arrest crooks and drive into to peoples cars like a crazed madman!! in the free roam its so fun to just explore Lego city! plus the police station acts as a hub where you can do different stuff, in conclusion this game is fun, portable, exciting, and awesome! even if your on a plane, car trip, bus or anything else! but if you have a Wii u get it for the Wii u

  • rSquare - Good for big closets

    I have a horrible closet under my stairs, with mostly unusable space. It is on an outside wall, probably with bad insulation, and it gets humid and everything starts to smell funky. I put one of these in there, set a reminder on my phone for 6 months later, and forget about it. These are great. It gets all the humidity and funk out of that space. The closet is roughly 40 square feet. This would work for larger spaces too, but adjust the replacement time based on size and humidity.

  • DC gal - works great but hard to remove

    I'm going to have to start experimenting with something that dissolves the adhesive before I pull the strip off my nose, as it regularly takes a piece of skin with it, no matter how gently and slowly I remove it. I've tried water, to no great effect. Does anyone have something that works well? Hoping I don't have to resort to kerosene, LOL!