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  • tomato - Novel to use

    I am trying not to turn into a daily coffee person. I also am trying to limit my soft drink consumption. However, sometimes I still really want caffeine. I had not heard of this way of getting a caffeinated drink before running across lyft on amazon. I had heard about caffeine powder, which I didn't even realize was a thing, but sadly then read an article about kids and pets getting into the powder and overdosing. I like the lyft delivery system much better than just a powder, as I feel like the sticks make it harder for kids and pets to get into easily. Obviously, still keep the sticks away from little ones and pets.

  • MANU S. - Fun for kids and Grown Ups

    Cozmo is finally here. My son and I played hours of Anki OverDrive and this was a must purchase! My son is 7 and he loves to play with it for hours. I give him the iPad and Cozmo and he is off in another world with his new robot buddy. Then when he's done, I boost Cozmos brain by playing some of the tougher games and activities so when my son gets to him again, he's smarter and continues to amaze. We've also had Cozmo recognize everyone in the house and some of our friends. It's nice to turn him on and have him look at me and say, "Dada". Hahaha. So awesome.

  • C. Parton - SLOW

    We have purchased various LeapFrog products since 2000 and again it has disappointed. We keep thinking this time they will get it right is and it is just too optimistic a view for this company. This operating system is slow and frustrating. It takes forever for it to respond - open or close an app. Typing in registration was frustrating for me as the drop down menus wouldn't respond predictably. My 3 year old got tired of waiting for the apps to start and as soon as the screen filled with choices he would quickly push one and wait... and wait .....and wait and he opened a thrilling calculator app! Woo-hoo! I haven't purchased any apps as I am not sure I want to even keep this. Example of wait times: 105 seconds from touching power button until it was ready. 16 seconds from tapping account until screen appears. 11 seconds to launch the art app. 15 seconds to launch photo app. Another 105 seconds from when you push home button from within an app until the home screen appears again. Wait times do fluctuate I found, which makes it even more frustrating. These times were tested when the device was new and no extra apps were added. The apps included are:

  • David Ptomey - A New Start

    My wife had almost her whole Barbie collection stolen a number of years ago and I have decided to re-start her collection. The 2012 Barbie Collectors edition seemed like the one to start it with. This edition reminds me of my wife, radiant and full of life and appreciates the finer things.

  • Douglas Deicke - Hawaii Five-O season five

    Hawaii Five-O is still a fantastic crime drama. The 100th episode was my favorite episode this last season. I don't want to give away the ending but it was awesome. Chi McBride was a great addition to the cast this past year.

  • Marion Cipolle - Worked for my dishwasher

    Was an easy fix. Exactly as other feedback described. Glad I saw this before I messed with the pump, etc.

  • ThriftyGirl85 - Great Set

    These wine stoppers and pump arrived very quickly and in perfect shape. The instructions were on the outside of the box. They are not super thorough instructions, but it is fairly self explanatory. It was very easy to use. I washed everything before I used them.