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  • Granny GP - Drawing app could be a lot better

    Bought this for two year old grand child, mainly for the drawing app it comes with so she won't bug me to play with my kindle fire. Several pros and cons. The cons are - no guidebook is provided. Booting up the pad takes a little too long. The pad comes preloaded with games one needs to figure out with little help. When the pad is held by a child, if her fingers are touching the screen area in the drawing app, the pad will not draw until she stops touching the screen with her other hand. This means she cannot hold the pad and draw at the same time.The screen gives delayed display of what the child is drawing - there is a lag until she can see what she is drawing. This occurs with the stylus or her fingers. The selection pad on the right is a scroll selection of drawing tools. I found the scrolling to be too fast, that part of the screen is too sensitive. There is no clear button to clear a drawing. There are few apps available for purchase for the toddler age group.

  • Orgainc mama-san - The good, bad and the ugly rides again

    The good, bad and the ugly rides again. This one is not the Clint Eastwood's western but predictable & the "good" rides into the sunset. Yes the "Rock" Dewayne Johnson still got it although he is no young spring chicken might I add. He is huge again & trained hard to look the part. O' dang, the miracles of the "supplements "! In my opinion he is a good actor & have always enjoyed his wrestling & acting careers. Yes the misfits of the Greek Gods must lend a helping hand to the oppressed & endure many heartaches as well as headaches. Violent & bloody, not for the little ones or the faint of heart. Many nice special effects with great costumes. If you enjoy Greek Mythology with a different spin to Hercules, then you may like this.