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  • xaurelie - Much Improved!

    Not the top of the line, but these are MUCH better than the Classic. They grip onto your teeth so you have to really pull to get them off. The gel works just as well as the Classic but because it stays on better, it has more time to work. With the Classic I always felt like the gel would foam up and slide off my teeth, and I'd have to spit it out. The Advanced Seal keeps it all on the teeth where it should be. These are definitely worth the price difference over the Classic!

  • jstuger23 - Odyssey Cross Bars

    Had to have a mechanic install. but they're great!! fit perfectly and holds the weight specified. instructions on installation was sim

  • Hersheybar10 - The BEST IDE HANDS DOWN...

    I've used my share of IDE's from codeBlocks to xCode, and they all fail in comparison to vs 2012. Everything is so much easier to find, and the entire layout is redesigned. One surprising thing is that this actually runs faster than the previous version - which is a huge plus.

  • A. Clark - Absolutely Gorgeous Graphics

    The game is gorgeous. The graphics are amazing. If you're a history or weapons buff, this game really caters to you. You can fight with Lawrence of Arabia in Syria, Suez, Argonne Forest, Italian Alps or even at Gallipoli. They have packed about every pistol, rifle, shotgun and machinegun from the WWI era into the game. Melee weapons galore.

  • Richard - Good with limitations

    I am a registered nurse who now must monitor my own blood pressure regularly. I appreciate the traditional BP cuff that connects to the inflation and monitoring unit. The accuracy is very good and it has the advantage of providing a record for diagnosis and medication management. The major limitation is the docking connection for the iPhone or iPad. The 30 pin connector is a standard length and may not work with iPhone and iPad cases. The 30 pin to Lightning adapter for my iPhone 5 worked well. I needed to purchase a 30 pin to 30 pin extended (Amazon for under $4) so that it would work with my wife's iPhone 4s in a case.

  • Wendy - To big

    This product said it would fit my specific car and it wasn't even close. It was way to big. I returned promptly with no problem.

  • Bargainshopper23 - Excellent, highly recommended product!

    I recieved this product in the mail today and I used it immediately. I was so impressed. It is very gentle. It peels the skin away which is better for people like myself who have sensitive skin. The average facial scrub would scrape my skin off and leave it red and irritated. Amazon has the best price, sells the product for $64.95. I will be ordering this product again!