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  • badonk - seems great, but ordering from worx directly offers free 2nd battery, coupon and 6 free spools too!

    just ordered this because i think my wife will really love the ability to roll it around OR use as a whacker - but i ordered from worx directly, not amazon - why? because when you order from worx, you also get a free second battery (45 bucks on amazon) AND can add "free spools for life" which means you get 6 additional spools to start - PLUS a coupon for 15 percent off...

  • James D Yowell Jr. - Not a great fan

    It sort of made me wish that I would have broken down and got my daughter a tablet. All the apps cost money individually, and she would rather play with an iphone than the LeapPad. Now when I say the apps/games cost money, I assure you I am not talking about small change. It isn't like a droid or even an iphone the apps tend to cost in the 15 to 20 dollar range at least, which meant we really weren't getting a lot of use out of it for her. Also, it eats batteries.

  • Ariel - Not as good as I thought.

    I had just noticed my dog had a flea so I bought this brand. But sadly not one flea died, in fact my dog was still scratching after we put it on him.

  • Kyler H. - Wouldn't recommend spending more than the price of this book when ...

    Affordable. Wouldn't recommend spending more than the price of this book when studying for the GRE. All the practice exams are free online, anyway. Those probably prepped me the most, but this book has some nice pointers, especially in the writing analysis section.

  • annette - excellent oil

    this oil is helping my daughter's juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She has less joint pains and her blood test is cleared up

  • Sasha - Cool shoes

    Just received these! They are super cool, they light up diff colors, many settings and easy to use! I am so far in love. My only concern is, will they last! I want to take them to a rave in September and you can bet i will be stomping around lol. I shall give an update of long term wear.

  • TresTacos - Slippery!

    I was excited to get the mat - it looks nice with a great green color, although I noticed that the mat was cut at an angle so it's not actually square. Then I used it, and figured out that the mat is *extremely* slippery. So if you're looking to make your yoga work out ridiculously hard, this is the mat for you. If you'd like a regular workout - try another mat.