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  • kathy - This kit works!

    This kit works as well as the salon's $160 OPI lamp. I purchased this kit and my nails are as perfect 7 days later as they were when I did them.

  • Grace Braun - exercise

    I read the articles and reviews before I purchased the E-25 and they helped me to make a very wise choice. Because I read now in Consumers reports that the E-35 is the best for your money. I chose the 25 because I did not see the necessity of paying more to have an item that could go bad if the kids over used it (the auto ramp is the only difference between the two that I could see). Other reviewers said about 3-4 hours to put it together and they were right - 2 people are not a must but do help out. I am very happy.

  • Diane A. King - Crow's feet & neck loved this

    Didn't think I was going to see much in this. I have some crow's feet from too much sun from my early years and my neck is starting to show my age but thought this couldn't hurt. Started using every morning and night, didn't give me the super soft feeling I thought I was going to get but I continued and after noticed after a few weeks I can see a difference, a real difference. I wish I had taken a before picture. I'm going to continue using and if this continues I'm a user for life.

  • Ryan Bray - Hero3 is a broken product

    Amazon took down my first review of the Hero3 Silver. I don't know why. I got one (not ordered through Amazon) for my birthday back in November 2012 and it didn't work. I took it back to big box retailer and got a replacement. It also didn't work. Then I got a third one. For the third time, it didn't work. I bought two San Disk cards, a 16GB and a 64GB, both are the models recommended by gopro, and updated the firmware on all three of the cameras to the most recent (it was the 12/15/2012 FW, which was still the most recent available in February 2013). Everytime, after 20-40 videos, the memory card would get corrupted, the camera would lock up, and I'd lose all my stored videos. At that point the camera would start corrupting the memory card almost immediately every time, even after I reformtted it in the camera. Because the issue takes so many videos to occur, even though I use them a lot (surfing, in my truck and on my motorcycle), it took me 3 months to burn through the three cameras. And because it took so long, the big box retailer where I bought it would only give me store credit in the end.

  • Key2Happiness - Not bad, not great.

    I expected the flap to stay closed on it's own. It does not. It lays open just slightly. It is annoying. The little silver piece is actually a magnet. So when you open the flap all the way, the magnet will hold it to the back. It will also pick up stray earrings or paperclips lol.

  • A.J. - My favorite mouse pad on the market

    I've purchased 2 of these simply because they are perfect in every way. I use one of them for travel and one for my home. My laptop is 17" so I place this on the keyboard and close the lid to allow for some kind of shock absorb while traveling. Additionally, it's extremely thin so you barely feel it while using your mouse which is extremely important for the majority of games on the market. For the price and quality, I'd recommend EVERYONE buy this.

  • Blueberry gal - Great!

    These registers are of good quality and are easy to use. The lines are the usual size for a register and alternate between white and a light grey. I bought them because I needed to keep track of my debit card purchases. They are great for this.