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  • Maisie Leach - This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches

    This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches. The day I stopped taking them my headache was gone. It did seem to make my nails and hair grow faster but the headaches were unbearable. Plus they have titanium dioxide in them which is a known carcinogen. I will no longer be taking these.

  • Trudy Evans - Great product

    Makes your hair and nails so healthy, and thick. Most of the ridges are gone from my nails. A great product that I highly recommend

  • J. Bonashnoz - A good product (but here are a few suggestions)

    So far, so good. I used this to refinish the tub/shower stall in both my upstairs and downstairs bathroom. Both were previously beige fiberglass (AKA biscuit, bone, etc) and both are now a glowingly bright shade of white. Here is what I learned in redoing my tubs:

  • C. Henry - Fast Access to Specific Scholarships

    We love this version of the book because it allows use to search and filter data on scholarships in countless ways. Very pleased.

  • MarsTwain - Good for days when you can't get to the gym

    I am one of those people that hates going to the gym so for days when I can't get myself out of the house, I picked this up. It's better than nothing but be warned that it's really not much of a workout. You can get moving on it and the speed and level of exercise is really up to how fast you move and how much you attenuate muscles while moving but since it's a glider, there is no resistance at all. You won't break a sweat on this, elliptical users: unless you're really hammering out a run, which it's a little too lightweight to feel safe doing, it doesn't get the heart rate up the way a bike or elliptical with resistance does. Still, if you aren't doing anything else, it'll at least get you off the couch and it really does fold up tiny. I live in a minute apartment and it fits behind the TV stand against a wall. Open and in use, it takes up about the space of a double bed, maximum. Not a bad unit but again, not going to make you huff and puff.

  • C.N, - UPGRADE!!!!!

    UPGRADES EASILY. Go on Mcmaster-Carr website. Type in this product number: 9657K434. You will get 6 of them for $8.