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  • Janie Bourke - What has Happened to Support?

    Don't know what has happened with support, but after 10+ yrs of being an avid Living Cookbook user, all I can say is I am so disappointed with absolutely no support on issues. Makes me sad. Having said that.... buyer beware...

  • Paula Martin - Works Very Well

    Bought this product for my son, and he reports that it works very well. My only complaint is that the smallest bottle of lotion runs out (at least for him) long before the other bottles in the set. But this seems true of all these types of products. The cleanser and astringent will easily last the month, but the acne lotion only lasts half that long. Still, he has asked me to buy this particular brand again.

  • Matthew P. - You don't need the expensive one's they do just fine.

    These work great for what they are. They sit well on your head and are comfortable. The knobs make it easy to adjust thing to get a good view for all user's. The family has fun playing with them and watching people play with them.

  • Fredrick L. Murphy - indeed, "you thought you knew him"

    The majority of Americans voted for Barak Hussein OBama, two terms in a row, and that speaks volumes of where we are at as a Nation and individually. My family did not vote for him, but we honor the position of the Presidency appropriately...regardless.

  • T. Blikre - Did not work for me.

    Did not work for me. I applied it per directions in spring. I'm in the Northwest so we get plenty of rain to activate it. Applied second dose about two months later. Now well into summer and I don't see any visible difference in level of mildew on deck.

  • jamesandpatsy - This is great grass seed

    This is great grass seed. I had been killing weeds in my lawn and the grass was looking a little raggedy. I just scattered this seed on the top of the ground before a couple of days of rain. Later in the month, I noticed a huge difference in my lawn. Really lush and green.

  • reader - NOT much tea tree oil in there

    I bought this in a grocery store where it was quite expensive and only after using it realized I had been had. Could not even smell tea tree oil in it there was so little. Scan of ingredients revealed it is mostly other ingredients. Wish I had checked amazon reviews first and noticed it was far far from pure tea tree oil. I hate having to give it even one star....