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  • A. Carter - All day staying power

    I'm not a makeup aficionado, but I just started appreciating primers. This primer not only holds my eye-shadow all day without creasing, it also feels nice going on, sort of cooling. I briefly entertained the thought of getting the Urban Decay primer, but I'm glad I went with the Too Faced since it does a great job at a smaller price tag.

  • Sonia Ortiz - Adequate Virus Protection, But...

    Here's the thing. Norton works fine for what it is, a very basic $20 anti-virus solution. For most web users it's fine as long as you're not going into any of the nasty dirty areas of the interwebs. But Norton is SELFISH. I also have a Malware filter on my PC to get rid of the stuff that Norton misses -- because it does miss stuff now and then -- and Norton actually wanted me to remove my Malware protection. I don't think so. Good for basic protection, but nothing special.