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Purdy Veterinary Hospital - Gig Harbor, Wa - Purdy Veterinary Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary clinic serving our clients in Gig Harbor, WA, Pierce & Kitsap Counties.

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  • A. M. Shipley - Best manual transmission gear oil

    I bought this Mobil 1 gear oil to replace the factory fill gear oil in my Hyundai Accent. I had a local lube shop do the job as they charged only $25 to drain & fill and dispose of the used gear oil.

  • D. O. Smith - Poor product with poor customer service.

    The cooktop heats slowly with poor power. You can set a precise temperature for the pan but when verifying with a thermometer, the temp is way off. The material on the top surface feels like a cheap cardboard not glass as you expect and will scratch easily. Finally customer service is bad. The commercial demonstrated a cast iron grill for cooking meat. They sent me a pancake "griddle" and refused to exchange it for what I ordered and expected to get. You well feel bad if you order this stuff.

  • Whistley21 - 4 stars day one, 1 star day two.

    Loved it for a day until it just stopped connecting. Set up was easy so I'm not sure about all the troubles that everybody else is having. Mine worked great for the first day and now it's just times out every time I try to connected to Wi-Fi. It's a bummer, I really wanted to like it

  • Sally Shannon - LOVE THIS BOOK!

    Dr. Hyman is clear and concise and, once you have everything you need, his program is easy to follow. I like that he explains the science, and the recipes are great. I don't understand the reviewers who say you have to spend money on his supplements. He clearly states in the supplements section that you can buy his, where he packages them all together, OR you can buy regular supplements. He even has a chart of what you need and how many milligrams. So I didn't feel like this was all a ploy to go buy his brand. My feeling is that you take what you can, but even if you don't take it all, some is better than none! I didn't use the fiber, for instance, but I've lost 4 pounds so far and I'm on day 6. I love the idea of a reset, and I'm feeling good and not hungry or tired. I hope to be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle after day 10. I definitely recommend this book!