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  • David G. - This product is no good it is a phony...

    Do not buy this item, don't do it to yourself. First of all as soon as you plug it in it leads you to many different screens and at the end of the day it's asking you for your credit card number and be mindful it states its free but there's still asking for your credit card number. So I called them and the young lady stated that she was not aware of rabbit TV but the number I call was to some telemarketer trying to make me give my credit card and when I refused she said well there's nothing I can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor minutes later the supervisor tells me the same thing I was very disappointed. So I disconnected it from my laptop. To make a long story short by the second day I had five viruses that killed my computer which cost me over $200 to get that crap out of my system. So whatever you do take it from me a dissatisfied customer do not buy this garbage it is a waste of time and a fraud...

  • Jared Levine - Don't ever buy a product made by HAAN.

    While the steamer itself wasn't a terrible product while it worked, it only worked for 4 applications, and my apt is 400 sq ft. I completely understand that sometimes products are faulty and shit happens, but what I don't understand is for a company to be represented and run by complete scumbags that offer no assistance. I made NUMEROUS attempts to get in touch with HAAN and have this issue fixed, but no one ever reached out, so now I'm stuck with a $100 machine that doesn't work. Screw this company and I hope they go bankrupt.

  • Evil Critic - I wanted to give it just 1 star, but I got it working by cheating.

    It wouldn't light. I reviewed all, and I mean ALL instructions I could find on the internet. I gave up. I figured if I was going to find an answer that I would have to create it myself.

  • TomS - My advice for Mr Bernardi and his publisher

    You probably shouldn't write a book criticising a woman's right to an abortion when you yourself are a walking advertisement for it.

  • This book changed me, HGH simply is fantastic! - This book changed me, HGH simply is fantastic!

    I read the book and found it very informative and decided it was worth trying an HGH product for myself. I'm a bit of a pessimist, but all the true pessimist I know seem to never enjoy life and well....die young or grow into grumpy old men and women, so I researched the material and decided that it was best to persue an orally injested HGH product. If HGH worked so well for older individuals, what about a middle aged person like me? I followed the sequence of processes Dr. Klatz suggested along with the HGH product and after two months, I was simply astounded at the change in my body and concentration level, I amazingly feel 10 years younger. Its the best purchase I have ever made!

  • KareBear2 - Tried them all

    I have actually tried them all and this does rank at or near the top...as with all self tanners results are dependent on your personal skin tone. On me this is a nice rich tan with no orange or yellow undertones after 2 applications. It is moisturizing and has what I would describe as a light citrus scent. The only downside for me is that it is on the pricey side.

  • Slimer - are you a god?

    I enjoyed this book enough to be excited for the next trade. It incorporates the movies, cartoons, and even the video game. You will have fun being in on the inside jokes if you have been following the ghostbusters throughout the years.