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  • 1lostyankee - It's definitely helping

    After making my own essential oil blend and that didn't work, I was pretty desperate and decided to try this. I bought mine from ultra herbal. It is definitely helping, but I am applying it twice a day, not 3 times as recommended, and you can only see the progress as quickly as the nail grows. The fungus needs to grow out completely so you can't stop using this until the nail has grown out. What's happened on my worst toe is one side of the nail has improved, not sure why there is a line. The other issue is you go thru the oral spray a lot faster than you go thru the nail solution. Not sure why no one is mentioning this. So I am hoping the oral spray is not crucial to it working, because I will be out of it soon and there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it by itself (and it doesn't taste bad at all).

  • Amazon Customer - I really like this product

    I have been using my cancooler product for about a week and it has done everything it is supposed to do. The bottom fits perfectly in my car drink holder, the outside stays dry. I don't have all this moisture all over the sides without it freezing my hands when I use it. The drink is what stays cold. I have dropped it once and nothing happened it's very durable. It looks the same. I have only used can for it . I haven't used any bottles yet. I really like this product. I did receive this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • cassie - Miracle

    I have suffered with fever blisters two to fir times a tear for 48 years. Discovered abreva two years ago. Stops blisters if I start it at the first tingle. If a blister already starts, dries it up in two days without pain. Has spared me so much suffering, my miracle drug. I use subscribe and save and have it delivered regularly.

  • Isaac - A LED-lit 1440p IPS 25" monitor that's solid and less expensive than most

    Forewarning that I don't have that much experience or expertise with monitors besides the crammed research I did over the last week. But I had an Asus MX279H for a few days, which I hear is an amazing monitor with great picture quality from a reliable company, so at least I have a relative point of comparison.

  • Stephanie - Much Better Than Anticipated (spoilers)

    I thoroughly expected to be vaguely amused by this book given the lackluster reviews but I really enjoyed this book.

  • dkaczy - Love the information

    As someone that does not like to take medication this book helps to justify my feeling that it is best to find an alternative method than drugs. I have had serious knee problems in the past and I did not care for the feeling I had when on prescribed meds. I have found that my body reacts much more positively with natural medication.

  • ImagiNetPC - Quickbooks Pro 2012 with Payroll

    I upgraded from Quickbooks Pro 2009 to 2012 and started using the payroll features. It is so great do do direct deposit and file my quarterlies electronically for my employees. Makes me and my business more productive.