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  • Artistic Soul - Excellent Cleanse

    I can't say that I had a dramatic result of taking this cleanse as others here have experienced; however, as cleanses go (it is not my first cleanse, but it is my first liver cleanse) it is quite excellent. I take pretty good care of my body already. However, I have experienced over the last couple of years some funky skin issues that I have never had before and I was hoping this cleanse would take care of the issue. There has been no difference so far, but I just finished the cleanse a couple of days ago. I will give it time and see what happens. Either way, I think this cleanse is excellent and the price is spot on. I personally get so exhausted with the enormous prices of some so called "health" products. I did have some issues with swallowing the gel capsules at first, but for two weeks I knew I could handle it, so each time I found some way to get them down --- always with a full mouth of liquid and my head tilted back a tiny bit. I will definitely do this cleanse again in about 6 months to a year.

  • Lucretia - Fabulous "Slice of Heaven"

    Casi Cielo is by far my favorite Starbucks coffee. It is from Guatemala, a seasonal coffee, and it is rich and flavorful in a very "heavenly" way :)

  • Amazon Junkie - THANK YOU Mommy's Bliss!!!

    My 2 month old son hadn't pooped in two days and I could tell that he was really uncomfortable because of it. I gave him a dose of this (a little less than half of the recommended dose for 6-12 month olds) and he pooped within 2 hours. An hour or two later, he pooped again. I could tell he felt so much better. I am so thankful this works so well for my son. I can't stand seeing him in so much pain. Relief for both of us!

  • Elvis - Loved the checkbook register

    I placed the order on Monday. I received the checkbook register's a couple of days later. Very quick to send out the items. Would highly recommend

  • Mark - Will not repurchase

    Very disappointing in it's holding power. It might have a use, but I have not found it. About half of the plastic items I tried it on have fallen apart in a matter of months. I would never repurchase this adhesive.