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  • ibuyallthethings - Totally useless. Not only did it not provide any noticeable ...

    Totally useless. Not only did it not provide any noticeable "cleansing" benefit, it actually caused constipation. And yes, I used it exactly as directed. I am now buying a $70 cleanse to cleanse myself of this one. Total waste of money.

  • falconrate - Fantastic product!

    I love it! Truly! I've used other healthier energy drinks and this is my favorite! I love that it is so low in calories. I love the mild and light flavor. I love the energy - I definitely don't feel jittery but sharp and alert. And I can tell that my appetite is suppressed as well, which is an added benefit not found in the other products I have tried. Very very good product.

  • Peter Batemon - It's Good This Sucks! :D

    Got this to use with our daughter when she eventually is born, but my wife (who has horrible sinus problems even when she isn't 9 months pregnant and retaining fluid) decided to try it out. She absolutely loves it. It doesn't seem too forceful unless you throw all caution to the wind and just leave it in your nostril too long-- something she sadly learned one night when she kept using it, not realizing her congestion was just that-- congestion from retained fluid, and not any sort of additional mucous. She basically was like a teenager who uses the vacuum to fake hickies, but instead of hickies on her neck, she had them on her right-side sinuses. Ouch. She learned her lesson, and still loves it after her sinuses healed after a day or two. She still uses it when she knows she is congested by stuff that isn't attached permanently.

  • A photographer - Decent enough for fans but weak in comparison to other books in the series

    This is certainly not the best of the the books in the series but it's okay for fans. I liked it fine but it reads more like a short story that Johnson fleshed out to make book length. Sections just go on and on without any significance to the storyline and the characters seem less like the characters we've come to know and love over the life of the series. There's too much banter on the part of Walt and too much brooding on the part of Henry. I'll not go into detail of the plot since I'm sure some of the reviews have done so at length. Suffice it to say it's not a crowning achievement for the author but it's decent enough for followers of the series to enjoy.

  • Vinny - MP3 quality was awesome. Delivered via the cloud and installed on computer

    Song was the original clean version. MP3 quality was awesome. Delivered via the cloud and installed on computer, and phone.

  • Beach - The Best Investment!

    I have not purchased a nice coat in a while so I though it was about time. I live in a temperate coastal place so this is the perfect winter coat for me! So far it is light, warm and cool. People come up to me and tell me they love the color too! It is the new purple color, by the way.