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  • G'Cass - Crushes Roaches; No Luck with Fleas

    This is a quality product. It last for more than one month. I will find dead roaches right inside and outside of my front door. I've actually seen one freaking out that was clearly poisoned.

  • R. SMITH - Great Product

    I've been using threelac now for about a month. This product really works I have more enegry,I feel happier,and it really seems to have made my mind seem less clouder(confused). I've noticed a change in my bowel movements there more frequent with less strain sorry so detailed but it's true, and I really don't crave sugar the way I used to. I actually crave more healthier foods. This is a great product. I feel I will forever be a consumer of this product. This product actually changes the pH of your body. I took this product with oxygen element also which is said to give more oxygen to cells to help produce healthier cell growth. I hope this will help you! Because it sure helped me! Good luck.