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  • MamaSays - Just what I needed

    When I first heard about this product I suspected that this might be exactly what I need for a problem that was becoming increasingly more painful. My feet were to the point that stepping out of bed in the morning was like stepping on knives, my feet hurt constantly and to wear any type of shoes but slippers was crippling. My legs constantly ached and felt tired. Within 2 days of starting All Day Energy Greens, the swelling had come down so much that I could not believe how thin my feet were, it had been so long that I had suffered from swelling. I didn't even realize that I was. A week later, I noticed that my hands were much smaller and daintier and my rings were loose. I no longer have aching legs. My feet feel wonderful. I just feel as if my entire circulatory system has been revived, and now I understand that I must have truly been languishing. I no longer have clotting with my cycle. I do not nap anymore! The puffiness in my face is gone and I am aware of my bones! My blood pressure, which has always been low, but has been creeping up lately is now back to 120/60. I could not live long without this.

  • sanguine_air - Six months. Still working. Healthy cats. Yes, I will buy again.

    I have four cats and Advantage had stopped working completely. The house and cats were hopping with fleas. It was horrible. I vacuumed. And flea combed. And used various products in the house short of fogging which is impractical when you have four cats living there. The vet's assistant had suggested these collars as an option. Came to Amazon because the price was much better and I needed multiple collars. Then I saw the reviews where people claimed their cats died and developed horrible skin reactions. That was a bit offputting. I hesitated. But the fleas were very bad and the vet's office--which I trust--had recommended them. I ordered three collars, figuring that I'd put them on my healthiest youngest kitties first (ages 11, 7 and 4--weights 10 to 16 pounds) first. My 14 year old cat (6 pounds) loves to be combed, so I would just comb her. When the collars arrived I, for perhaps the first time in my life, read the package insert that discussed the company's trials of the product. The only notable side effect observed in testing (as I recall it) was some dermatitis. It wasn't a lot of the trial participants but it was observed, and this explains the folks whose cats lost hair. Encouraged by the package insert, I put the collars on the cats. Initially, I was afraid that one of them was getting lethargic. Then I decided he had always been that lethargic and I was just paying more attention because I was afraid I was doing something that might kill my cats. Ultimately, the only effect these collars had was killing fleas. It took a couple of weeks because the fleas had gotten so bad, but they went away. About 99%. And the cool thing is, they also went away on my one cat on which I did not put a collar. Just having three collared flea killing machines wandering the house protects my fourth cat as well. She gets the occasional flea, but it's rare. And while I used to comb her twice a day to get the fleas off now I comb her once a week and find maybe one or two. Which seems pretty unavoidable given that she and two of the other cats go outside. It's been about six months now so the collars are supposed to last another couple of months. Hoping that by December there won't be fleas around to kill and that I can wait until spring for the next round of collars. Great product. Less expensive than Advantage for comparable months of effectiveness. And works like Advantage used to work when it was new.

  • Alli - I haven't experienced any sensitivity or pain except for when I left the strips on a few minutes too long - I generally have pre

    These work really well! Today was my fifth day using them and my teeth are already several shades whiter - I can once again smile with confidence! I haven't experienced any sensitivity or pain except for when I left the strips on a few minutes too long - I generally have pretty sensitive teeth so I was worried that the strips would bother me but nothing so far! I would definitely recommend these and I will be purchasing them again in the future.

  • Judith R. White - I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in ...

    I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in 2 weeks but not a lb a day as advertised. There's the taste of alcohol to the drops but other than that no taste. I recommend this product and have ordered my 2nd bottle. I use the B 12 add on with it.