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  • Roberta - but tried it and have had great results. Yes

    I was skeptical about the program, but tried it and have had great results. Yes, the products are pricey, but these are meal replacements not just added expenses. At the end of the month, I am actually saving money because I no longer buy pop; junk food; and stop at "to go" places for meals.

  • JDang - I wish there was a refund policy for downloaded software - doesn't even deserve 1 star

    I'm a very Excel / financial savvy person but have never used accounting software before. When I downloaded QB at first I thought the navigation wasn't so straightforward, so I took some time going through their guides / some videos on the web. When I finally started using it, a lot of things just didn't work. I even made an appt with my accountant to get a tutorial. He uses QB for PC and was pretty surprised at the things that couldn't be done in QB for Mac, like importing an Excel or CSV file. It's important functionality like this that is missing. Plus, every time I tried to set up web connect, it just was giving me error messages from both banks I use. When I connect those bank accounts with online accounting software, there is no problem. All in all, I've decided to not use QB and just use an online accounting software. I am liking Wave Accounting best so far. I'd recommend it to other Mac users that are frustrated with the QB for Macs experience. I'm a small biz owner so annoyed that I spent $150 on something that was completely not useful and wasted hours of my time.

  • Amazon Customer - Guaranteed to work

    I used this for 2 years while on parole. I passed everytime and the test was sent to the lab a few times. The first year I would go clean 48 hours before the test . The day of the test, 3 hours before, I would slam a bottle of water, then one hour later, I drank the whole 32 oz Q carob at a consistent speed, making sure to shake it up throughout so I kept it mixed up. Then I would make sure to pee at least 3 times in the next 2 hours. After 2 hours I was clean, but I have waited to go test a few times for about 3 hours and was still good. One more thing, the day before, try to drink a couple bottles of water to start cleaning yourself out. The least amount of time I have used any drugs was 1 hour , only because I got a call for a pop up test. I wasn't sure if this would work, but it did. I slammed 4 bottles of water and then the detox right after. I made myself pee 3 times, hit the pharmacy and bought a home urine drug text and did it on the way to parole. I passed it all the way. So that calmed me down going to do the real one. I did the one for parole and also passed it without any issues. It blew my mind. I have since told several friends of mine about this product and I highly recommend it. To each is own when it comes to any kind of drug use. It's just nice to know that there is a way to passed a urine drug screen if needed. I guarantee it all the way. Let's put it this way. Also, I used 3 different drugs in those days. Hope this review helps .

  • shyliu - Useful

    I think this is a very, very useful book. My friend recommended it to me and it was worth the money. The reason I rated it 4 instead of 5 though is because at some points of the book it doesn't really go in alphabetical order and it really is a pain in the ass...oh, they also don't have the writing requirement of the SAT. I would understand if the older versions didn't, but this is the newer version so...c'mon Fiske! Get up to date! But others, totally great book and really helped me choose what colleges I wanted to apply to (:

  • kiwiaudio - because it looks great and was delivered fast

    This is the second one of these stubbys I have purchased, The first was on the roof of a late model Nissan Rogue and it performed fabulously. That antenna was an expensive factory one that also incorporated the Sirius antenna. It had circuitry inside it and may have been amplified, I'm not sure. This unit however,did not work at all ! It is a standard pole antenna and is in the factory fender location on my 2014 Ram . The same FM stations the rogue pulled in effortlessly, did not work at all in my truck. Very disappointing, because it looks great and was delivered fast.

  • Tandgn - These Dreams

    Great song, great band what else can I say. If you like eighties and nineties music this should be in your collection