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Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.2193 New South Wales, Australia

  • George V. - Another winner from KasKing

    Still putting the reel thru its paces. The centrifugal/magnetic cast control works very well (as advertised) . It does have a soft thumbar spool release & the cast control dial on the left sideplate of reel is slightly soft when changing settings. All in all, I like the reel very much. It has a good power handle, casts extremely well & the cast control is easily adjustable to varying lure weights. Did I mention the reels light weight of about 7 oz ? A very impressive baitcaster & the price is right.

  • J. Clark - Continues to be a favorite cold preventer/moderator.

    Wife continues to rely on Airborne when gets any symptom of possible cold with considerable success at prevention. Once in while one sneaks by and Airborne aids in minimizing symptoms and aiding in recovery. Recommend for others.

  • Momma Mary - No hiccups, works great, picture is really crisp!!

    This has given me absolutely no problems since I bought it and set it up. I would definitely recommend it. The blacks are very good IMO I have mine on a TV stand, It does not wobble, legs are adequate. My son uses it for a gaming monitor and really likes it also. Picture is great, we have cable TV.

  • Moya F. - Product arrived broken

    The product was broken when it arrived, my husband didn't want to go through all the drama of sending it back so he used gorilla glue on it. We had to shave the wood down with sand paper because the speakers he got did not fit properly even though the description said he was a perfect fit. After fixing it up it fit perfect in his truck. Thinking back it came in very thin card board no bubble wrap no caution signs you know like ....handle with care. Over all, wasn't pleased with the product but can't be too trash.....look at the price.

  • Bellatricks - Turning you into a serious dancer now! I love this game/series!

    I find this version of Just Dance is far from the first one when it comes to dance moves. The moves seem to be more advanced. What I really like about this Just Dance is that some of the dances are almost exactly like the ones that were seen in the music videos for the corresponding songs. For an examples, the Lady Gaga song wants you to put your hands in the "claw" form she uses during her actual music video.