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Rick's Performance Equine Supply | Equine Supplies, Horse Feed, Pet Supplies, Hay, Tack, Chicken Feed, poultry products, Shavings, Bedding, Pet Products - Ocala, FL - Rick's Performance Equine Supply is proud to serve Ocala, Fl and surrounding area by selling products such as pet supplies, equine supplies, feed, tack, hay, bedding, and much more.

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  • Bryan - great product, works so fast that the bush in ...

    Check out those photos! great product, works so fast that the bush in the back has the exact same flowers, in the exact same spot!! ... Or they took the "after" then dug up an area, sprayed and took the "before".

  • Jayjay - Love this product! Fast shipping from this seller. Factory sealed.

    I think I actually rec'd this item the day before I was supposed to. I would definitely buy from this seller again. The items were delivered exactly as described. Perfect - factory sealed bottles. No worries. If you haven't tried cell food, it's time to. I have used cell food on and off for about 7 years. It has been about 6 mos. and I decided, with winter coming and all my aches and pains and lack of energy, it was time to get back on it. I used it consistently for the first three days. I did notice I had a mild headache for a couple of those days. I totally believe it was, in fact, the product working to release built up toxins. I've been partying crazy all summer. Lot's of embedded toxins, for sure. After that, a feeling of "relief, peace and better health" kicked in all at once. The headache was gone. My energy skyrocketed. Feeling good, feeling good. I use it per directions consistently now, daily. Highly recommended. I also take probiotics daily since your intestines is where a majority of your immune system is. Flu and cold season is here. Combined, I am feeling strong and resistant.

  • alicat - Malfunctions

    My son rcvd this in April 2015 and it stopped working a few months ago. Their customer support is only open during my work hours so I have been communicating with them by email. It takes at least 24 hours to receive a response. This is no longer charging correctly and when it would still turn on we could hear the computer but not see anything on the screen unless applying pressure. Their email response to me was to try a software update. I have never heard of a software update fixing something like this but decided to try anyways. I couldn't even get the computer to turn on to even try a software update. I'm curious to know what their next recommendation will be.

  • YourOldPal - Do as much or as little as you wish and it still works!

    I am a 65 year old female with severe osterperosis. This chair and the exerise video have been a God send. I was waaaay too sedentary, couldn't walk because my feet hurt, and had no stamina when riding my bike. After one week of using this chair and the video every day, I am feeling stronger, healthier and happier. The resistance bands are perfect, and I look forward to using the stronger ones soon.I also don't get the day after soreness most exercise routines and free weights can cause. I was amazed that I actually broke out in a sweat, after adding a few more reps and a little more marching.

  • Derek K. - Great filament. It works well at 174C on my ...

    Great filament. It works well at 174C on my Velleman K8200. Once I got the temp right, strings and boogers stop appearing on my prints.