Rochester Gastroenterology Associates, LLP - Rochester Gastroenterology Associates is a single speciality practice dedicated to the treatment and evaluation of digestive disease using medical and endoscopic methods. All providers are ASGE certified endocopists and board certified in Gastroenterology. The practice has been in Rochester since 1980. In addition we do offer consultations by appointment. We are affiliated with RGHS and Unity Health Systems.

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  • Tracy from WI - a low suger version of "eat this not that"

    So far I seriously love this cookbook & diet plan. Prior to buying this book I have already tried to make many changes (using only whole wheat products, drinking water not sodas, trying to limit sugars) but still I had trouble designing meal plans that we can stick with and we are in a rut. I am also type 2 diabetic and so I know with absolute certainty that sugar is like a poison to my body. I need to cut myself off from it totally cold turkey but I needed help figuring out what to eat and how to eat instead with options that I will WANT to eat. That's the whole key for me is teaching myself how to make things that I will crave and will enjoy, which will create a healthier way of life.

  • arielce - So good! it doesn't have any of the random useless ...

    So good! it doesn't have any of the random useless ingredients that most manufacturers put in their products, and gently exfoliates, making skin clearer but without irritation or redness.

  • Denny B - Perfect fit and vast improvement over other purchased a few ...

    Perfect fit and vast improvement over other purchased a few years ago. Product fit and the Velcro placement was excellent. Although you can buy cheaper the product quality and fit justifies the price in my view....would buy again.

  • noah sapse - Excellent Beard Oil - Highly Reccomended

    While I was in grad school and traveling after it I always had a beard. It was mostly a laziness thing but I also liked the way it looked. When I entered the professional world I started shaving regularly because the beard just never looked professional. As someone with less than stellar beard genetics (relatively light weight beard, some patchiness) I just assumed it could never be work appropriate in my field and I was doomed to be clean shaven forever. Then I discovered beard oil. It's a game changer. You also need a good brush and a scissors for trimming. However, regular application of this oil (which has no real scent) and a good brushing make a beard go from hillbilly to hipster instantly. No more tufts of random hair or stragglers. No more areas of beard hair growing different directions (because of the brushing, oil alone will not do this but it helps it stay in place). As an additional plus, the oil does make your beard a lot softer and has completely eliminated any "beardruff" and itchiness I had before. It would be worth it just for that.

  • Judah - Manufacturer's Retail Suggested Price is $29.99

    And that's what I paid at Walmart for my copy of the deck. It plays well, and is the 'best' of the 2013 Commander offerings, in my opinion. The reason for the expensive price is one of the rares "True-Name Nemesis" is in high demand in the secondary market (for "Legacy" tournament events). The TNN card alone goes for $20-25 leading to speculators buying up the deck to resell singles for profit. It also has "Baleful Strix" worth $4-5, "Sol Ring", and the interesting Commanders.