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  • Sherry Kell - My mind is not as cloudy

    I have been having a hard time with life in general. I have went to psychologist and psychiatrist and all they do is ask me how I feel and take this medicine. So I started looking for something to help me that was natural. So far I have been taking these for a month and I have been feeling much better. My mind is not as cloudy and i am not as upset. This is a large gelatin capsule with a tan powder in it. It is all natural ingredients with no GMO, nuts, wheat, eggs, fish shellfish or soy. It is taken once a day with a meal. I take it in the morning. The same day that I started taking it I felt better. I like the fact that this is all vitamins and minerals nothing that is harmful to me. I have received this product for free in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

  • FAmazon Shopper and Love it (Ronda) - Great product

    I received this product on time and as expected. This beauty blender is very well made and durable. It's great for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup. This product is very soft, yet it glides over your skin, leaving your foundation application/skin looking flawless. The beauty blender can be used wet and/or dry. The beauty blender comes packed in a canister that is perfect for safe keeping and air drying. It's sized just right, to fit the hand comfortably. As a gift, the seller also sends a miniature beauty blender. It can be used for those hard to get to areas such as; contouring the nose, blending in between the eye area and/or using on the eye area.

  • Nicole - Looks good and very large

    This dog house is very large. It's kind of too big for my 65lb pit. The entire thing is made of plastic with no insulation. It was relatively easy to put together and looks just as good as it does in the picture. The flaps at the opening are very cheap and fell apart very easily. One of the flaps I was never able to get connected correct as the hardware provided would not stay in place. I ended up just removing the flaps as they looked ugly all torn up. Good house if you are not looking for something insulated and do not care about the opening flaps.

  • Luc LeGuiverne - A fire hazard !

    I don't feel safe with this product. As in, I'm afraid of what this CyberPower UPS did. I had this CyberPower UPS for one day and it went bad.

  • Katherine Robinson - Worked Wonders on My Sensitive, Acne Prone Skin

    After discovering the harmful effects of SLSs in my beauty products, which was severe cystic acne, I clean out my cabinet and went for the most natural products I could find to put on my face and my hair. I switched to witch-hazel for my toner and coconut oil for my moisturizer. My cysts had disappeared but to my chagrin my skin was still covered in typical "zits." I went to Target and found Avalon, I decided to give it a try (I chose it over Yes to Carrots, which is what I use on my hair, because it was lower in price and contained 2 oz instead of 1.8 oz). I read some nasty reviews on here, but I decided to try it out. So far, my face has loved the moisturizer and I currently have ZERO zits on my face, only scars remain. I have noticed that not only has Avalon cleared my face up, but it has also aided in healing the scares left from the cysts that once appeared. So for anyone reading the negative reviews, I hope you also read this one because I have SUPER sensitive skin - always have - and it has done wonders for my face.

  • noah sapse - Excellent Beard Oil - Highly Reccomended

    While I was in grad school and traveling after it I always had a beard. It was mostly a laziness thing but I also liked the way it looked. When I entered the professional world I started shaving regularly because the beard just never looked professional. As someone with less than stellar beard genetics (relatively light weight beard, some patchiness) I just assumed it could never be work appropriate in my field and I was doomed to be clean shaven forever. Then I discovered beard oil. It's a game changer. You also need a good brush and a scissors for trimming. However, regular application of this oil (which has no real scent) and a good brushing make a beard go from hillbilly to hipster instantly. No more tufts of random hair or stragglers. No more areas of beard hair growing different directions (because of the brushing, oil alone will not do this but it helps it stay in place). As an additional plus, the oil does make your beard a lot softer and has completely eliminated any "beardruff" and itchiness I had before. It would be worth it just for that.