Mr. Reil's Home Page - You will find my site to be a gateway to adventure. I have included links to various narratives, I have written, about sailing, scuba diving, caving, gold prospecting, and mountain climbing. These are all narratives about my own personal experiences.

  • Gallery - This page shows a sample of some of the forged or Repousse' hammered metalwork that I produce in my shop, Golden Age Forge. It also includes instructional information you may find helpful to make your own similar pieces.

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  • nope - Pulp Fantasy

    If you want page after page describing familial relationships and clothing, then this is not the fantasy for you. The first paragraph had me laughing, the first chapter had me hooked, and the first installment has me wanting more. It was a very fast paced read with all the subtlety of an 80s action film. Swords go through heads. Fowl language, shmowl language. This is pulp. This is action packed fantasy. This is Ink Mage.

  • Deal Catcher - Great product! Love it!

    This is an amazing coconut milk body scrub. I especially love that it is 100% natural. It’s a loose scrub almost like sand that feels fine and grainy. It’s bright white and smells delicious. The scent of coconut is undeniable which I could bask in all day. The scent is also noticeable on your skin after washing and drying. After using it, it left my skin radiant and glowing. I could see and feel the protective barrier and mu skin felt moisturized, soft and smooth. It felt as if I applied a thick moisturizing cream to my body. It is also a wonderful exfoliator for your feet. Despite receiving the sellers discounted price for this item, I rate the product as if purchased for full retail and with the same degree of scrutiny. I personally rely heavily on other customers reviews when making a purchase on Amazon and I take writing my own reviews very seriously. Hence, I take the honest and unbiased aspect of all of my reviews very seriously. I don't hesitate to write a critical review or rate items low when warranted. All opinions and words are 100% my own. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange. If anything changes with my feelings or opinion on the product I will update my review with appropriate information.