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  • Nicholas D. - Why Amazon rocks

    It fit my '99 Ford Ranger more perfectly than the similar model I bought a year ago from BestBuy. Not putting BestBuy down, but I paid ~$25 for the same setup and it broke versus paying $8 w/Prime shipping. In short, Worth it!

  • D. Inskeep - great meal replacement!

    I use this as a substitute for breakfast or lunch each day and it has had a significant effect on lowering my body fat. It tastes fine and suppresses my hunger just like a regular meal. Working out to lose weight is a waste of time. With this product, you get much better results by simply putting less in your mouth!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Guide

    This is the best guide for the GRE, it helps you build your confidence, gives you a set of strategies, and preparation material to pass the test. It of course, is no magic bullet, but it will help you greatly, perhaps much more than even the official guides, which don't analyze the test as thoroughly.

  • Amazon Customer - A disappointment

    It may be the most popular, but I found it not to be well laid out and not well indexed. It was not particularly useful. The typeface is very small. I left it in the room I rented in Iceland, no interest in picking it up again or even passing along to a friend.

  • Amazon Customer - Pristine & Worked 2010 Tacoma

    The equipment was a perfect match to OEM without a scratch. There was a paper included with a website for instructions. Don't bother, just read the review by Wade. 1 try, 30 seconds and it was done.

  • GC Book Reviewer - If you suffer, THIS will change your life...

    I have suffered from a breath "affliction" my entire life. I never knew of any non-surgical remedies for this. Awhile back, I discovered solutions for this problem area and have settled on TheraBreath as my choice brand. This has changed my life so much that I cannot count the ways. No longer am I embarrassed by seeing and hearing the reactions of people who catch a whiff of my malodor or even seeing them struggle to prevent from showing a reaction. True halitosis sufferers, you know what I mean.

  • Timothy Nance - Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to ...

    Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to be home the entire time it's charging and as soon as the level is topped off immediately disconnect the power cord. Likewise, running with external power can overcharge and ruin the battery. If you run off the battery to avoid overcharging it is very easy to overdraw the battery and it won't charge again. I had to buy an external charger and only insert a battery if I am going to use it in mobility. The battery compartment is held secure by approximately 8 screws that are a pain to replace each time. It sounds awesome though and I would give at least 4 stars if the battery charging components were higher quality. I actually highly recommend this but with the additional purchase of a good multi stage 12v charger which adds to the total cost.