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  • Eduardo - i guess it does something, but it wasn't good for me

    i had the check engine light on...code saying the catalytic converter was dead...tried this but nothing the end my cat was dead because it had poisoning due to an additive put into the gas..mgn or something like that...characterized by orange rusting

  • Meghan Ebert - Ehhh not so good

    Not impressed with this product at all. I much prefer their multipurpose ointment which is amazing!! This has an odd smell, weird texture (not creamy like Desitin) and is super hard to remove with a wipe. Would not purchase again or recommend to anyone!

  • Matt Seager - A very unique style of salt or pepper grinder.

    We have been fixing up our old farmhouse for years now. We have lots of time and lots of money in this house. The final project has been the kitchen. All the major stuff was done and my wife wanted to add the final touches with dishes, utensils, cups, mugs, etc. We had a simple salt and pepper shaker but my wife wanted a pepper grinder. I saw this unique salt or pepper grinder by Kitch Elegance. It is different in that you squeeze the handle and it grinds and I wanted to see if it was as good as their claim. It has a cool look but was it what my wife would like. She thought it would fit right in if it was as good as it seemed on Amazon. I ordered it.

  • Steve Murez - Very hard to get it to work once you've paid

    It was working fine in the trial version. But once I paid, I had such an impossible time getting it to accept the registration key, that I was without the program for three weeks. Nothing I could find anywhere on their site, or elsewhere searching on Google, was of any help. I finally got through to their headquarters, where someone told me the trick. You need to uninstall any and all old QB programs from the Mac, and have no other programs whatsoever running when you install the entirely new version. You cannot just plug the key into the trial version as with most programs.

  • J. Blanco - Bad design

    For what Crest Advanced White Strips costs, Crest could have added an inch in width, and at least a quarter inch in height to the lower strip. If you want to whiten your middle four, and part of two other teeth, this will work, but beyond that, forget about it. Who did Crest design these for, little kids?

  • sarah - We will see if it keeps getting better. I am hopefull

    I've been using 3-4 times a week. For a couple months. I have noticed a big improvement already. My hair breaks off in front ever since I had my son (3 years ago) it grows back but breaks off leaving baby hairs. The shampoo and Conditioner had made noticing differences after 2 months. We will see if it keeps getting better. I am hopefull.

  • Amazon Customer - Very disappointed as I can't understand how people are saying the ...

    Just got myself a Yeti and after walking from my apartment to my car the ice melted within minutes. Very disappointed as I can't understand how people are saying the ice lasts 24hours in some reviews. The ice in my cup didn't even last five minutes!