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  • Robert F. Havener III - Good short story

    I'm honestly not a big fan of cop books but as far as they go, I was pleasantly surprised. Guess I'm going to read the next one "My Sister's Grave". Hopefully it's just as good.

  • Paul Turner - Painful experience

    If you're ready for a nice Sunday morning waffle and relax with the morning newspaper - then don't buy this - you'll spend an hour shaking your fist at it, peeling the waffle in pieces off of it. It worked fine for about 3 months, and then gradually got worse to the point that the waffle would never extract. Yes it looks nicer than the Waring, but the objective is to make good waffles every time - and this thing fails miserably.

  • James J - Do not purchase this product. Check the user forums.

    Terrible application. After installation on a Windows 7 Professional x64 machine, there is a very long delay on boot with a black screen. When attempting to download using IE 10, the save or open control does not work at times. Even when attempting to download a file from the bitdefender site. The long boot delay has been occurring for several versions of Bitdefender and has yet to be addressed. It seems the tech support is very silent about this problem. Do not waste your time or money on this software. Bitdefender is highly rated by CNET and other sites. I will not be trusting their reviews in the future. To support my claim that the slow boot is an ongoing issue and is not unique to my situation, refer to the Bitdefer forum at I suppose I proceed to research other AV products. Perhaps Kaspersky is better but I do not know who to trust for reviews.

  • Phu L. Tran - Surprised

    Hi everyone that might be skeptical about buying this. This product has already shown some results. I wear it generally when I am at home or out jogging and it has cut down on some of the fat on my sides (might just be me sweating a bit more than usual and by the way I am only 161 lbs).


    I purchased QB 2014 for MAC after a Qb rep assured me that all the notorious MAC QB problems had been addressed. in a word (or 2) they aren't. The very first thing the QB guide tells you to do is to upload your list of customers (and other lists) into QB from an EXCEl spreadsheet.. I imported my list of customers along with their emails, addresses and other data from USPS Clik n Ship. You do this column by column. The first column is FIRST NAME. The 2nd MI, the 3rd LAST NAME. What does QB do ? It separately alphabetizes each column and then - where blank cells exist in the data base - QB removes the blank cell without regard to its proper association. The result is a useless list of names where first names, middle initials and last names are completely garbled. i experienced my first windows-like crash with QB and had to force quit to get out of it. How do products this flawed find their way into the marketplace?

  • Christine Gibson - We have all these books--fun read! The entire family ...

    We have all these books--fun read! The entire family loves going through them time & time again (they aren't just a one-time read--fun to go back & especially to compare the different years).

  • vzal - You can not compare it even with 2005 Mr. ...

    You can not compare it even with 2005 Mr. Coffee. The only reason I decided to replace the old one was its worn out seal. Yes, this machine gives you a lot of foam... with neither smell nor taste which were coming rich from the old Mr. Coffee using the same beans of medium roast. The manual recommends dark roast but the old machine did not care, why the "advanced" one would. And I am not talking even that you can not get an 8 oz cup of espresso strength coffee in one shot. The old machine does it.