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  • superrgf - Perfect fit!

    I bought these for my front 07 Toyota Tacoma prerunner. The fit was perfect and the screws and clips that came with the mud gaurds worked perfectly. I think the design of these looks better than the originals and much more sturdy. Guaranteed for life! How can you beat that! For what one of the originals cost to replace, I can buy the two for the rear also, and still have money left over. I will say that the guards are about 1-1/2" shorter than the original, but keeps the mud off of the vehicle and That's all that counts. You won't be disappointed with these mudguards.

  • Amazon Customer - Fit perfect, quick installation

    Fit perfect, quick installation, barely any noise. I have a 2013 Jeep Grand Cheerokee Overland and it was and easy install and it looks great. Yes you can hear a slight wind vibration at high speeds, but it's barely noticeable. The rubber gasket does take a little time to install due to the expansion of the rubber itself, but just a little push and pull as you work your way down and it fit perfect. I'd recommend this product to friends and family.

  • Book Junkie - Appealing, Freeing and Thought-provoking

    As an inquisitive kid in Sunday school, I'd asked if the burning bush with whom Moses spoke was the Father or Holy Spirit (I figured it couldn't be Jesus as He hadn't yet been born). A stammering teacher told me there are mysteries about God we won't know this side of heaven. So I chuckled at Fr. Rohr's story in The Divine Dance of having his 3rd grade teacher simply hold up a shamrock to explain the Trinity. Affirming that God declared His creation "good" in the introduction, Fr. Rohr proceeds to challenge long-held views while resurrecting ancient images of early Church leaders portraying God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit engaged in a dance. What is so very appealing, freeing, and thought-provoking, is the concept that I am invited to dance just as I am. Right on!

  • J.T. - Very helpful supplement

    I like that the product description and directions tell you not to take these before you go to bed because the energy blend ingredients are active. That may sound funny, but it is really nice to know these things ahead of time. When I take these in the morning, I have a good, even energy all day with great focus and it doesn't seem that I am as scatter brained and unorganized now since I have been taking these. The energy I get from taking these is not a bouncing off the wall, talk everyone's ears off kind of energy, but rather a nice solid calm energy that feels natural and healthy. I received this product at a discount or free so I could try it out and then pass on my opinion of this particular product on to others. This is exactly the same review I would give this product no matter what price I did or did not pay for it.