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  • Cathy - A new Just Dance

    This is the first Xbox 360 game I've owned. It is fun and you don't need a controller. You really have to do the moves. Fun. My family and I enjoyed bringing in the New Year with this game and the Xbox.

  • C. Sims - Effectiveness wins a prize!

    No doubt, the inventor deserves the equivalent of a Nobel prize for first, invisioning a way to combine simple ingredients into a solution that truly does work well for "THAT" smell. It also works on foul urine odor.) Secondly, for excellence in creativity for the names, packaging and spectacular marketing. (Watch the hilarious, ingenious YouTube commercials.) This particular fragrance is nice, but it needs more lavender oil. It smells more like vanilla-Lemon Pledge, but like heaven compared to doo doo! As much as I'm impressed with the overall product, I'm not by the price. Thus, only 4 stars. Why? It's quick & easy to make at home! No lie. Google it. Pinterest is full of recipes, too. Simple drug store glycerin (the coating agent) and excellent essential oils are the key. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is fabulous! But, if you're willing to make your own, you'll save A LOT of money by spending just a little time. And, you can name your own. If you run out, pour a little water and grease-fighting dish soap in the squirt bottle until you make/buy more.

  • Brian C. - So Much Easier To Use

    My son took a course last trimester in High School on Home Design and got into it big time. He was always excited to show us and his relatives his latest house plans he had drawn. He even drew his Uncle's Cabin from memory and gave him a copy of the plans. This last Christmas We bought him a program for his laptop in hopes that he would spend more time doing something constructive instead of playing HALO all the time. The High School had been using the top of the line version of Home Designer but I bought the HGTV version for him for Christmas. It was not very user friendly, hard to use and had an instruction manual about 300 pages thick. We got a refund. Ordered the Hime Designer Suite here on Amazon and now I'm even getting into this! Very easy to use and a lot of fun! Highly recommend it.

  • D. Gleason - not good

    It wasn't what i expected, and it's very sticky. makes my hair feel dirty so i would not rec9ommend it at all

  • Christian J. Colton - Ignore the fan boys, this is a fundamentally boring game.

    This is an exceptionally boring game. Forget the tired, standardized dungeon-crawling storyline, forget the amateur voice work (seriously, did they actually pay these people?), forget the outdated graphics. The game play itself is unbelievably dull. The first few hours can be fun, but the honeymoon quickly wears off. The combat is point and click, occasionally pressing a few buttons for a special attack or a potion. Leveling up is relegated to only a few stats, with one only really worth upgrading for each class. Finding weapons and armor is amazingly uneventful. "Rare" items are barely any better than common ones, so you increase your character's armor and damage very slowly.

  • Jeremy L. Smelski - This is the best game on the planet hands down

    This is the best game on the planet hands down. Great for kids and adults alike. It teaches structure, math, vocabulary, strategy, patience, economics (the cards a like stock), manners and many other things. I highly recommend this game. It is very complex and fun. You will likely not find a more in depth game anywhere else on the planet. Also, it has a HUGE player base. So many people to play with, many of them very successful 30 somethings who have been playing for a long time.