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  • Larry L - Used this product for a number of years

    I have used H & R Block (formerly Tax Cut) for quite a few years now. I find it very user friendly. I used it for myself, my kids, and my mother in law with many different situations. I also like the error check at the end. Even if all is OK, it will question some entries to make sure there are no mistakes. I expect to use this again next year.

  • Stevies - Love love love

    I've been waiting to buy this keyboard since it came out and man was it worth the wait! The lights are fantastic and the customization is beyond what I was expecting. The keyboard has a wonderful feel to it and the response time is perfect.

  • A.D. - A waste of my time & a loss of $.

    This mounting kit was a part of a package; kit, stereo, wiring harness. Not sure who decided this was a fit for my vehicle but they wrong. I would've had to retrofit the entire thing thus changing the integrity of the product. The best part is where I had to pay $6.85 to return the kit so that I could get my refund of $9.00 and change. Booooooo!

  • Mark Saine - The best all Purpose Pot

    This pot has the character to get you into the kitchen and start cooking. It heats up great and really holds it. Slow simmers are fantastic and you don't have to worry about burning. I am convinced that this pot has made the difference in my tomato sauces. I also make roasts and a delicious pork shoulder in this pot. It cleans with a quick soak and an easy scrub. I highly recommend Le Creuset and this pot specifically.

  • Scott T. Allan - Detailed and colorful reviews of many top colleges

    This is really helpful for our daughter (junior in high school) who is frustrated wanting to go to college but uncertain as to where or to study what. The insights from actual students are included in a way that helps you understand the differences between the schools as an outsider.

  • Julian Harper - Lacks Conversion From VHS to DVD Options

    I have a copy of Roxio 10, which was a good program. It had the ability to transfer VHS to DVD. This program does not. Roxio makes a standalone conversion program, at the $50 price point. Sadly, if you want an adapter you need to spend another $50. Had I known this, this version would NOT have been purchased. On the plus side they do have several add-on's which will prove useful in the future. Sole negative, they were not clear on the initial desciption. Will have to spend more money for a different piece of software/hardware to do my transfers. Not nice Roxio!