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  • Dawn M Pedrotty - Disappointed

    Too easy especially compared her her dvd exercises. Even though you can create your own routine it is time consuming and that I'd often why I get a dvd so I don't have to create a routine

  • Lynda Dunbar - I Couldn't Be Happier

    I bought this because I'm allergic to nearly every perfume, fragrance, and odors on the planet, in that it causes respiratory distress (trouble breathing). There are only a small handful of fragrances/smells I can handle. Since I've tried every premade liquid shower soap/gel in all the local stores and had no luck finding any I can tolerate, I opted to try finding an unscented/fragrance free one and make my own by adding fragrance oils of the few smells I can tolerate to it. It was not an easy task. I was able to find some fragrance oils that were made correctly and were tolerable. The unscented/fragrance free soap was just as difficult. I have yet to find ANY that have absolutely NO smell to it at all. Most are made with ingredients that have their own natural odors, and many of those smells are pretty nasty. Also, many are very thin and liquidy, don't stay in the wash cloth nor do they lather up much (if at all). Not to mention many leave you feeling like a greased pig (very slick, slippery) an unable to scrub that slickness off.

  • Barry J. - No matter where you are politically, there's plenty to be learned in this book.

    Though I'm politically near or at the left edge, it's not my judgement that there is much in this book that subject to interpretation or another view. Seems to be seriously factual, and answers a whole host of questions that I've had for more than a few years. I'd recommend this book to anyone who would like a clearer picture of how the country got into the state that it's currently in. Not only that, but serious suggestions about what can be done to get us back on track. The author is multi-talented, with historical and scientific perspective that moves the narrative along, unfolding the answers to those nagging questions that have been lurking in the back of YOUR mind too. Could not be more positive about a reading experience!

  • Carey Holzman - Diamond in the rough

    There are many typographical errors and poor sentence and grammar structure throughout this book. A copy editor would add so much value and professionalism to what is otherwise an excellent book. I've read too many academic books on this topic, but this author approached it like a knowledgeable friend giving another real-world advice.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Good app

    It does what it is supposed to do. It reminds me every prayer time. It gives me direction to halal food stores. It is an amazing app.

  • JohnWells - Great Game

    One of the best BFs out there. Im a bit disappointed with Amazon as there are several fake one star reviews that are obvously not accurate. This really is a well put together game which so far I have really enjoyed.