Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP - La Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP es la agremiación pediátrica que reúne el mayor número de especialistas en Colombia, única con reconocimiento nacional e internacional.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Michelle - Good little Laptop

    For the price, this a good day to day laptop. I can play games on Facebook with no problems. The only thing that made me to give a 4 star instead of 5 is that the keyboard is not back-lit so until you type you don't know if your are typing with lower or upper cases. Other then that, I will give it a clean swipe ( came loaded with loads of crap), and will be good to go. Keyboard is easy on typing, since I type very fast, colors are good, again , for this price, don't expect a gaming computer, but for school, and everyday surfing, watching movies on Netflix or Amazon video, this is a good laptop !

  • michelle - great product to jump start your weight loss journey

    Its a good tool to jump start your weight loss. After the 14 day fast, i will move on as the product is expensive & i prefer small meals throughout the day. I lost 10lbs the 1st three days.however I have 65lbs to go so the more you weigh the faster it'll come off. I was hungry after about 2 hrs of drinking the shake. I had headaches too. It wasnt real unbareable bcuz i am determined to lose weight again! The first week I made mine with almond milk, tsp unsweeten cocoa, 2 tsp olive oil & 8 tbsp of Almased. Next week I Will try water only as they say best results with water.

  • ArizonaJon - A great upgrade for me.

    I only use AutoCAD for my personal designing of our homes. The last one I did was using AutoCAD LT 97 (yes from 1997). While this old version did most of what I needed, it would not allow me to download blocks of fixtures, etc. from the web and place them in my drawings. I was pleased to find 2014 opened my drawings from 97 with no problems. The new features in 2014 really simplify a number of tasks and allow me to open various files from the web. I was also able to open the lot drawings provided by the county to verify the area, etc.

  • HockeyChop - Great brain booster supplement

    Having tried similar products in the past, I can say that this definitely helped with my adult ADHD by clearing most, if not all, of my head fogginess. Usually I get distracted easily but I tried this out right before I started a big project I've been putting off and I've made amazing progress in the last few days. Thank you USANUTRA!