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  • Jill - Not Bad

    I have male pattern frontal/crown boldness. I bought this product about 2 months ago. I did not make a before and after pic but I noticed somewhat of an improvement on the security camera of the convenient store I frequent. Here is my experience. After the first couple of uses I use to feel somewhat itchy and burning sensation, but that eventually went away. Initially I lost some hairs in the process, but i believe I got them back. I have thin tired hair, and this formula tend to even dry it more. Another side effect I noticed is that when I put the product in just before bedtime my eyes tend to burn (not always), and I tend to have trouble falling asleep. So take it at least a couple of hours before bedtime. Has it regrew hair or will it work on the long run, I dont know but what I am sure of is that I use to be able to put my hand in my hair, rub it and I will see some hair in my hands, that does not happen anymore so I think I am not loosing as much hair as I use to. I will probably keep using this product, but I regret not using this product a year sooner. It would have probably been an excellent preventive measure, but better late than never.

  • Grace - Perfect Perfect Perfect

    fit ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in my 2010 Chevy Equinox, love the cover for those shopping days when I go store to store!

  • Hello - The Perfect One

    With the power bank becoming a standard in today's tech world the hunt for ""the perfect one"" was on. When initially looking for a power bank I wanted one that was portable, had alot of mAh and was budget friendly. After researching I came across this one.

  • Brita L Gill Austern - It is nothing like my old Toastmaster waffle iron that was sturdy and ...

    So disappointing. It is nothing like my old Toastmaster waffle iron that was sturdy and solid. This feels like a piece of tin and does not make cook waffles as crispy. It is also very slow in cooking and the waffles with the large squares simply do not taste the same.

  • Bocatrip - Much cheaper than dentist.

    This product keeps my teeth fairly white. I only use it every 4 or 5 months it was much cheaper than what my dentist wanted to sell them for. Some people complain about sensitivity, but I have no problems there. It lasts a long time. Use sparingly and it is worth the investment.

  • kamaryn stanfill - Cool book

    I like the ending.It was a little abarisang to read out loud to my twin sister.By the way,I am 9 years old.My sister was reading a book called:Mystery of the secret locket.I have a favorite book series.It is called Geronimo Stilton.There is a girl version called Thea Stilton.I want to know if this was a real story and you had that real slumber party!

  • L. Councill - I love this water pik

    Although it takes a bit of practice to use this without shooting water all over the place, it's a great water pik. I bought this for both of my boys who are in braces. And let's face it, if you have kids with braces, getting them to do that complicated flossing while they are IN braces is not going to happen. It comes with plenty of color coded attachments so everyone I the family can use it. When I use it, I put a bit of listerine mouthwash in the water for added disinfecting and freshness and my mouth always feels great afterward.