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  • Remi - The Easiest LED Whitening Kit

    The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit is a way to get your teeth as white as a pearl, napkin or sheet of paper. If you are not familiar with LED lightening kits, they use roughly the same gel to coat your teeth. The LED causes the gel to activate quicker in order to break down the stains currently on your teeth.

  • Libbet - I love the color and how well it works!!

    I'm very happy with this pulse oximeter. It's cute because it's pink, but that's not everything i love about it.

  • Charlie B - Better read all descriptions carefully

    Should have read the description more carefully. I missed the "micro-serrated" description. They cut well and are doing what knives are supposed to do, but I prefer a simple, sharp blade. They will have to do until I can locate a good, non-serrated set for a reasonable cost.

  • brittney klein - Love it

    My go-to detox supplement! I always feel amazing during and after using it. It always seems to help shed a couple of pounds as well. I'm not ever really concerned about the weight loss, I just feel good knowing I'm ridding myself of the toxins that we are always exposed to on a daily basis. When a product helps you feel better, look better, and sleep better...I'll always come back for it.