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  • sagran - Made My scalp Worse!

    I never write reviews but this product will do some damage if you have a sensitive scalp. I had a few friends rave about this product. So trying to find a go solution for my thinning hair, since I have gone thru 100 products already, I gave it a shot. First the smell is bad. Reminds me of a cheap man's cologne. Thinking if it helped my hair grow, I would look over the scent. Three weeks in and my scalp is red and inflamed. It broke out my hair line in the back. It also my made my hair extremely dry. If I you go more than 1 day without washing your hair it will start to mat up on your scalp. I normally wash my hair every other day but if I went more than a dry, it made my hair feel gross. I am getting ready to try the Phylia de M. line. Heals the hair from the root, made with all botanicals.

  • Briel Driscoll - In theory AWESOME, in actuality frustrating

    This phone in theory is a really nice easy to use and well set up smartphone. If it worked properly all the time I would give it five starts. However, the phone has some serious issues that started displaying themselves a few weeks after I got it: constantly getting messages about different applications and phone functions "closing" "stopped" etc. Also, the speaker in this phone is a bit off, sometimes it works great and sometimes it is impossible to hear people on the other end and it turns itself off a good bit. I did not water damage or drop my phone, after looking at other peoples reviews it seems like the same problems are happening for a lot of people. This phone was new on the market, I think next time I will purchase a phone that has been around longer and has been tried and true. I am sad to say this phone is inconstant.

  • Tori - It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I ...

    Received a free sample and was pleasantly surprised. It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I had been taking which varied between gummies and one a day. Would definitely buy.

  • sheila evans - A major disappointment

    I AM GIVING UP!!! My first Nutribullet 900 was wonderful - for about 4 times. Then the motor gave out. Took the unit back to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where I purchased it. Thought it must be a fluke, so I exchanged it for another unit (exact same model). I used it 2 times with no problems and today it quit on me - just like the other one.

  • William E. Winkler - did not work at all even for very simple things

    Like a number of others, I have used Roxio (very happily and successfully) for years. I recently purchased two Windows 7 PCs with Roxio Creater (one a laptop). I wanted to burn a few MP3 CDs and MP3 DVDs from an archive of MP3s that I ripped from CDs over the years. I spend several days attempting to burn DVDs (which hold on the order of 35 albums). The software seems to be burning successfully (for the first 40-45 minutes) but when it attempts to burn the final directory and close off the DVD it bombs out. This happens with both machines with different DVD/CD burners.