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  • Mark A. Manley - Top Flite Men's XL 2012 Golf Set

    The set was received quickly, in excellent condition and exactly as advertised. Have had the clubs out for about five rounds now and execept for some operator error they have performed great. This set for the money cannot be beat for the casual or beginner golfer.

  • Tommy - Perfect color laser printer

    Very nice printer. Very compact. Very sharp, vivid printing and bright colors. Uses very little ink. It is supposed to go for a year before refilling ink tanks, we'll see. My wife is a teacher and prints a lot of stuff at home so we have to see what the ink usage is for us. There are many repeated warnings not to let the ink run out as that is not good for the printer and its parts. The ink bottles are inexpensive compared to other printers with ink cartridges and there is less waste. Very easy to hook up to your WiFi network to allow multiple computers to use it. A very good choice for a color laser printer. Highly recommended.

  • Mitzy T - Any Standard Kit should have TWO Gastro Fiber bottles included

    I did this cleanse last year and followed the directions in the booklet. It came with only one bottle of Gastro Fiber and there are not enough capsules for the duration of the cleanse in one bottle. I contacted the sellar and they were good about sending me out another bottle at their expense but still, anyone selling this product should know what is needed for the cleanse.

  • Ashley I - best for acne prone skin!

    I have really oily acne prone skin. I had horrible scarring all over my face and this too ALL OF THAT AWAY within 2 months. I had gotten this facial peel from the mall first for 45 dollars:( but i was so impressed with it that i didn't mind the price. But now I found it so much cheaper on amazon.... My acne was mainly on my forehead, chin, jaw and upper lip. I'm latina and black so the scars I get are soooo dark! I use this 2 times a week and my skin is so clear, smooth and even toned. My other skin care products seem to work so much better since I don't have a build up of dead skin and oil on my face anymore. I also just it on my chest and shoulders since I tend to get acne and scarring there too. Also, this last me a really long time even though I use it often. You only need a small amount to get the job done. This is also a lot better than a chemical peel. There is not any down time and it doesn't burn, sting, itch or anything!!! I love this it is amazing.

  • Ibrahim Awwal - Good device for students, some questionable design decisions

    First thing to note, this is the international version. At least where I live this means that I don't get LTE on T-Mobile, but this may vary from place to place since different carriers have different LTE bands in different places. I didn't really get it for the LTE anyway so that's not a big issue for me.

  • Patti - Wish He Didn't Love It So...

    My son loves his LeapPad Ultra. He is a 4-year old science whiz who loves Animal Genius, Magic School Bus Oceans, Octonauts, and other games that are only available on this platform. Unfortunately, this device glitches routinely, causing tantrums and tears. We try to tell iur son that it's just a low battery problem, but we know in our hearts that his beloved toy is a mediocre product. In the 8 months that he's had it, my son has learned that he should have a back-up activity or device with him on car rides or rainy days, because we never know when this product will turn itself off. I hope that LeapPad improves this product soon, because I have another little one who will love all of the fun educational games that we have purchased for this finicky product.