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  • K. Gehly - Beware of Embezzlement Issue

    In 2008 we discovered that our bookkeeper embezzled over $700,000 from us. She would go into our QuickBooks accounting program, make out a check to herself for various amounts, print out the check, then go back into the program and change the payee name so we thought legitimate vendors were being paid. A huge flaw that we wrote to the QuickBooks president about with no response. Now QuickBooks wants us to pay for an upgrade which promotes a new option "Auto Sign Checks" which we would NEVER use. Our former bookkeeper is guilty of stealing and forgery. If she had this option, a legitimate signature, available to her there is no telling what she would have tried to get away with. QuickBooks is not a safe accounting program for businesses that rely on an outside accountant or bookkeeper. We wrote a second letter to Quickbooks explaining this and we have not heard back from them. Please be aware of this flaw.

  • Amazon Customer - Like everyone else

    Like everyone else, I was contemplating buying either this ball, and the molten flistatec one. Since many of our men's volleyball players had the Flistatec one, and I was still on the fence between the two, I thought I'd add a bit more diversity into the ball choices.

  • Amazon Customer - The ONLY ACT book worth buying. The ONLY one that reads like the test!

    This is the ONLY prep guide for the ACT that reads like the test. It is from the manufacturer and NONE of the other companies read like the ACT test because they cannot plagiarize the test. Remember to also check out the official ACT website and use their test prep. They have several sections of practice for each subject as well as a full length practice test. The only thing I do not agree with is HOW they get some of the solutions. In most cases I have faster and easier ways to solve. It is still the best and I have been tutoring for this test since 2000 and have students who have gotten great results!

  • Sam Gummy - Good concept but has it's quirks.

    Works well if you never need to remove to use your hitch very often. Water leaks into compartment,might rust over wet season. Extremely overpriced. Availability of replacement (and cost) of rubber cover unknown. When they tweak the design and lower the price to $29.99 it will sell like hotcakes.

  • ParentalUnits - The Goods

    Triple Paste is quite pricey, but it is in our opinion the best product for treating diaper rashes. It worked for us where other products failed. We use it when our daughter already has a diaper rash, not as a preventative measure. It contains zinc oxide, which our doctor told us is the key ingredient for effective treatment. It also is a non-toxic product and scored well on EWG's Skin Deep database. I highly recommend this product for treating diaper rashes.

  • Christopher Higa - The price is a good value and it only takes a small amount 5ml/50g

    I recently switched over to seachem water conditioner from the API stresscoat as I noticed it helps to neutralize toxic ammonia. The price is a good value and it only takes a small amount 5ml/50g. The product arrived quickly and as pictured. Seems to be working out fine as I havent had any disruptions in my tank. I had to dock a star because the cap on the bottle leaks. Whenever I shake the bottle, liquid comes out on my hand which is very annoying as this product does have a smell. However this is a good product overall.