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  • M Dearest - Page Turner

    What a story! Just when things look bad, they get worse and even more impossible. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The only good thing about this book ending is that perhaps I'll get some work done. Glad Scott Pratt has written other books! This was my first but won't be my last.

  • Amazon Prime customer - One of the best health-related book I've ever read

    This is very helpful to know. I've been oil pulling for a while, but I had only researched online where there is half truths everywhere. This book really helped me to understand why oil pulling works and how. It's not 'magic' as some websites described oil pulling to be. I almost don't have my eczema anymore and my acne is going away slowly...

  • Sarah Montoya - Super disappointing - 1 month after warranty expires, motor quits.

    So disappointed with this blender. In my 15 years of using blenders, I have had everything from Oster to Cuisinart to Hamilton Beach. Of them all, believe it or not, the Oster held up the longest, even though it was the cheapest model out there.

  • Steve - Works well and the price is right!!

    For Dell Inspiron 7559 gaming laptop w/ Windows 10 Home, i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB of hybrid drive, M.2 slot - Note: This laptop has the M.2 screw already in the screw hole.