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  • Barbara T. - Not a total waste of time

    True, the story didn't quite follow the stories we've heard of Hercules from childhood, but sometimes a new twist spices up old stories. Without ruining it for those who haven't seen it yet, Hercules's reputation isn't quite as shiny, and his motives not quite so honorable. Would I buy the DVD? nope. Would I watch it again? sure, eventually.

  • Gerardo Lemus - Love it! Kids are 4 and 6 and both ...

    Love it! Kids are 4 and 6 and both of them have a blast playing this. Great music selection and great dancing. :)

  • Valerie - Yes it works

    It worked within the first 24 hours. I kept him on it for just over a week and although it was making it softer and easier to pass he seemed to be withholding going and I ended up having to give him a suppository and a bunch of bm came out. I asked the Dr if this was safe for every day use and he said yes but I stopped because the week he was on he threw up and I wasn't sure if it was this or what. But after the suppository I'm going to assume it was from having a back up of poop. So I do recommend this for a temp fix but not a permanent if you child has chronic constipation like mine.

  • Deyna79 - Beginner Yogini Here

    I decided to start yoga and after several reviews I settled with this one. I'm happy because it was affordable, provides just enough cushion yet not too thick that it interferes with stability. I'm more than satisfied with it. I do wish it had other colors to choose from, but it's great otherwise.

  • StrawberryJoe - Good Value for the Money

    We purchased this model from BrandSmart, in an Atlanta, GA suburb. Delivery and setup went well and the refrigerator / freezer / ice maker appear to work as advertised. As indicated by another buyer, the ice maker delivers crushed ice and cubed ice very slowly, but we can live with it. We noticed that the refrigerator section took many hours to cool down to our desired 34 degree setting, and only with the help of the power cooling feature. Once it reached the set temperature it seemed to maintain it without difficulty. We upgraded to this from a 24-year old, no-frills, top-freezer Frigidaire, so we have a bit of a learning curve to negotiate. All things considered, it appears to be good value for the money.