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  • David W Musal - Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices

    This is a great security program that actually covers up to 8 devices (5 PCs and 3 Mobile devices - Android or iOS ) There is a web based console you set up to manage your account and all your covered devices, plus an encrypted Password manager (cloud based) for storing all your various site passwords, plus 'lost device' coverage for your mobile phone or tablet. It includes ability to 'locate' your lost device 'if' the thief is attempting to use it to get online. Works seamlessly on my PC's as well as both of our KIndle Fire HD's. It also lets you 'sync' info across your devices that have Webroot installed. And 3 of your mobile devices are covered for free along with your 5 PCs.

  • Tastinient - UPDATE - 9 months and looking fair

    My detailer had been working to keep my lights from yellowing for several years and the yellow always returned. My dealer said they could restore them for $250 but they would not guarantee the results. I didn't think that was a good option. So that's when I tried this. I presume it's similar kit to what the dealer would use, but with hand sanding rather than an electric sander that they would likely use. It took about 45 minutes of elbow grease to apply. I recommend watching the video they've posted on youtube to get the process right, there's several steps. I would say the process removed about 95 percent of the haze and yellowing when completed. Three months later, I think they have slightly dulled again, but only slightly. To my mind, if the lights keep most of their luster for a year it will have been worth it. If they start to rapidly fade again, I'll be back to update this review.

  • Apple R. - Finding ways to save for my retirement.

    Aside from my day job, I want to have something on the side that will enable me to have extra income and more ways to fund my retirement. I am thinking of going on a business but since I have a day job it somehow made things difficult for me. But I am sure that there will still be ways to do it.

  • Elke - High Quality - some nuances

    Quality is top notch. Fabric is sturdy and easy to clean, the entire bag can fold into a single zippable pouch. The tuck-away straps are uncomfortable when the bag is packed full, but extremely handy for toting it around. Don't pack anything too important in the side pockets as the zippers can slide open in airport transit (found this out the hard way!). Overall happy with the bag - good handles, lots of space, can fit a substantial amount, and high quality material.

  • Steve51-12 - Fit Great!

    Other than the packaging being beat up the racks fit PERFECTLY! Our canoe is easy to load, and they are adjustable. Take you rtime installing as "Front" is not labeled, but the racks definitely have a FRONT and REAR.

  • cs211 - A decent vintage

    If I only had room to pack one 2013 volume of short stories for a trip, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize Stories anthologies. Although both purport to select the best twenty short stories published within a given year, there is not a single short story that appears in both volumes, thereby demonstrating the inherent subjectivity involved in selecting the best works of art. Additionally, each anthology included a different selection from esteemed short story author Alice Munro, so there was not even concurrence about which was Munro’s best story of the year. But in the end it doesn’t matter which of these two anthologies you select, as they are equally good. If you have room in your luggage, bring both.