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  • Mark M. Wiggins - Great product

    I have used Quickbooks for 15 years. The new version is great. The enhanced payroll bundle is an amazing value compared to what just a normal 1 year subscription is for payroll.

  • Maureen Hoffman Wehmeier - suspenseful

    Anne and Marco return from dinner with their neighbors and discover their infant daughter has gone missing from there home where they left her alone. It's a race against time to try to find Baby Cora as one by one, deadly secrets are revealed. The novel was pretty good and suspenseful in parts. However, I figured most of it out toward the last 50 pages.

  • CardinalNest - it's still the best USMLE book out there

    I don't understand the fuss about the paper quality, although I have to admit that the binding of this edition is somewhat poor and papers will become loose over time, hence the 4 stars. All FA editions have the same quality of paper. This edition is dense and if a heavier paper is used then the book would be the size of Robbins. Regardless, it's still the best USMLE book out there.

  • M. Wells - Not Bad, but the Instructions are Wrong

    I bought my first Mr. Beer kit about 2 months ago knowing nothing about the beer making process. I was skeptical on the product because the kit looked cheap and I was doubtful it could produce the quality beer I expected. But I'm a gambler and the reviews on this product weren't bad. The kit arrived in the mail and I quickly brewed up my first batch of Czech Pilsner. I followed the instructions verbatim, making sure to sanitize everything properly (since this is like 9/10 of beer making). In short, you bring water to a boil, add and stir in the malt, then add cold water to the barrel, poor the hot malt mixture into the barrel, add the included yeast, let it ferment for a week, then you transfer the wort into the bottles and add sugar. After sealing the bottles and letting them sit for a week, your beer is supposed to be drinkable. At least this is what Mr. Beer claims. I tested this process and it tasted like crap. There wasn't a lot of carbonation, and the taste seemed off (had an apple cider after taste). At first I wrote it off that Mr. Beer was a scam. But then I waited. I still had other unopened bottles and figured I could let them sit for a few more weeks to see if this changed anything. I even did some online research to see what others had to say about Mr. Beer. The forums about the issues I was experiencing seem unanimous. You have to let the beer sit for around 4 weeks in the bottle. Afterwards, you put the bottles in the fridge for around 2-3 days to condition them. If you do this your beer will come out nothing less than awesome (assuming you properly sanitized and your yeast wasn't old or expired).

  • Rachel F - B-Agile vs. City Mini - B-Agile is great - almost perfect!

    I had a Bugaboo Cameleon since my son was born - but we are now moving from NYC to the suburbs and the Cameleon just isn't easy to get in and out of the car, so I sold it on Craigslist and looked at both the 2011 Baby Joggger City Mini (BJCM) and the B-Agile. I ended up liking the B-Agile more than the City Mini for a few reasons:

  • Bugsy1986 - works well

    I have been having ingrown hairs around my bikini area and upper thighs for about 5 years now. I also have dark scars from them. I have been using this product for about 2 months now and havent seen any ingrown since I started. I am also starting to see the scars fade away. First review I have written because I was just so happy that it was the first product that has actually worked on the ingrown hairs as well as the scars! Great product! Highly recommended!